Why Is Wolverine Back In The 'Apocalypse' Trailer?

Whatever else was happening on Monday swiftly became irrelevant when 20th Century Fox dropped the final X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. Now, it's not like the fandom has never seen a trailer for the film before. However, there was one big thing in this trailer that we hadn't seen in the trailers that came before it. Specifically, Wolverine is in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, and fans are losing their collective minds. This is the final trailer they're going to drop in advance of the film's May 27 release date, so we're finally getting some real juice on where these plot lines are headed, and, oh boy, am I excited about them. Because Wolverine!

It was thrilling enough when all I knew about the follow-up to X-Men: Days of Future Past was that Jennifer Lawrence took on a leadership role as her character Raven/Mystique, because watching her mentor a whole group of young, untrained mutants is basically my dream, but this is really the cherry on top of a delicious X-Men sundae. In case you haven't already noticed this and spent all of today geeking out over it, let me catch you up.

At the end of the goosebump-inducing final trailer, Raven alludes to getting some help in the battle against Apocalypse and his forces, and we get a split-second shot of a hand with some very familiar blades protruding into frame. I see you, Wolverine.

This is a particularly exciting revelation, because, when last we saw him in Days of Future Past, Wolverine was all tangled up in that augmented present, so it brings up some big questions about how he was able to finagle himself back to a place where he's able to cross paths with the X-Men again. We won't know until we see the film, but with how loosey-goosey we got with the timelines in Future Past , it seems like really anything is on the table as far as moving around in time. We can't see Wolverine's face and hair to know which version of himself this is, so we just have to trust that Bryan Singer and Co. will give us a satisfying explanation in the movie itself.

Until that moment, feel free to join me in watching this trailer on loop and mulling over the possibilities of how your boy Hugh Jackman has wriggled himself back into the narrative.

Image: 20th Century Fox; YouTube/GIFit!