11 Quirky Pieces Of Jewelry That Are Perfect For Mother's Day

Struggling to figure out what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Well, skip the chocolates and flowers on May 8. Instead, show her just how much you love her by giving her a thoughtful and quirky piece of jewelry for Mother's Day. Whether it's a fun set of earrings that shows off her love of cooking or a bracelet engraved with special words, unique jewelry is a thoughtful way to show your mother just how much you appreciate her.

When it comes to getting a gift for your mom, be sure that it's something that comes from the heart. Personally, my own mother swears up and down that she'd rather have an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift rather than something flashy and generic. While thoughtful gifts aren't always easy to come up with, that little extra soul searching is worth it all to see the smile on her face. Remember, this woman made you into the person you are today. Show her a little extra love this Mother's Day by giving her a gift that she'll appreciate forever. Looking for some jewelry inspiration? Here are 11 special gifts that any mother would love to receive on Mother's Day.

1. She Showed You Love

Bracelet Set, $59, keelysmithdesigns.com

Tell her how much you love her with this gorgeous bracelet set.

2. She Taught You To Follow Your Dreams

Watch, $29.99, urbanoutfitters.com

Because no matter where you are in the world, your mother is still going to worry.

3. She Gave You Strength

Necklace, $60, gorjana.com

No one knows how to inspire self-confidence quite like your mom. Plus, 100% of the proceeds from this necklace go towards With My Own Two Hands, a charity that feed and educate orphaned children in Africa. Bonus!

4. She Knew When You Needed A Friend

Bracelet, $48, etsy.com

Moms always make the best listeners.

5. She Sent You Letters

Necklace, $36, etsy.com

How else was she supposed to tell you that she missed you?

6. She Always Took Your Photo

Necklace, $14.99, modcloth.com

Whether you were simply eating lunch or headed off to prom, your mom always had a camera on hand.

7. She Taught You To Embrace Your Culture

Earrings, $12.99, modcloth.com

Plus, empanadas, pierogis, or latkes were always a Sunday dinner staple.

8. She Gave You Pretty Cool Siblings

Necklace, $69.95, mynamenecklace.com

Well, siblings who are occasionally cool.

9. She Taught You To Keep Your Ducks In A Row

Necklace, $78, etsy.com

All puns intended.

10. She Made The Best Meals

Earrings, $10, etsy.com

No one cooks better than a momma. It's just a fact.

11. She Taught You That Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Bracelet, $35, etsy.com

Better yet, home is where your mom is.

Now go call your mother.

Images: Pixabay (1); Courtesy Brands