12 Best Tech Gifts Dad Will Be Entertained By All Year

Whether it's an extra special Fathers Day gift you need to start searching for, or a one-of-a-kind birthday present you can't seem to find for your old man, dads can be some of the trickiest people to shop for. But a few of the best tech gifts for dads make a pretty spectacular alternative to new ties, sports jerseys, or old vinyl records. An assortment of the right ones can keep gadget-loving dads entertained all year long.

If your dad wishes he could do things around the house with the snap of his fingers, give him the ability to control the lights, blinds, and even the thermostat with a few clicks on a touch screen universal remote. Or if he’s a loud and proud Star Wars fan, he'll appreciate the nifty everyday USB drive that puts his cinematic passion on full display, especially when sharing files with his co-workers at the office. So, show your favorite man some love with a cool tech-savvy pick that keeps on giving throughout the year. He’ll have a fun toy to enjoy, and you may even get some delicious food out of it when he starts using his wireless grill thermometer to make you the best steak ever.

3-In-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Takes Dad's Instagram Up A Notch

Camera Lens, $10, Amazon

Your dad just got Instagram — and now he's constantly snapping pics on your family's vacay to share with his *many* followers. This detachable smartphone camera lens is a 3-in-1 180-degree fish eye lens, wide angle lens, and micro lens, which gives your dad the opportunity to take cool new photos to add to his feed. Users love how high quality and durable these lenses are, especially considering the affordable price.

Wireless Bluetooth Bike Speaker For Better Rides

Joyiqi Bicycle Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $29, Amazon

If your dad loves to head out for long bike rides, he'll appreciate this wireless bluetooth speaker that can play his favorite playlists from his smartphone. The rechargeable speaker can run for 10 hours at a time, and your dad can customize its look with four skin color options and matching mounting clips. It's easy to attach on to the bike and, as a bonus, your dad can pick up calls, hands-free, with the speaker's microphone feature.

Touch Screen Universal Remote Gives Him Control Of The Crib

AnyMote Smart Universal Remote Control, $89, Amazon

If he rarely leaves the couch on Sundays (even to hit the lights), your dad will love this universal remote. It pairs with his tablet or smartphone (iOs and Android compatible) to offer a one-stop menu for controlling all WiFi and infrared devices at home — like the speakers, the TV, the lights, and more. Pretty cool, huh? AnyMote can even be synched with Amazon Echo in order to give voice commands to the universal remote. (Example: "Alexa, tell AnyMote to turn off the TV.") One reviewer said, "...it's so much more than a remote. It also controls all my WiFi devices, and it makes use of my true smartphone features: muting my TV when the phone rings, turning lights on at sunset, or turning music on when I get home."

Bluetooth Phone Tracker To Keep Your Dad's Things Accounted For

Nonda iHere Key Finder, $16, Amazon

This small bluetooth tracker will make sure your dad never wanders aimlessly through a parking lot again. Whatever the tracker's attached to — be it the car keys, the car itself, or even tucked into a wallet — your phone is able to locate the device, and the subsequent missing items. It can withstand a seven-foot drop and it's rechargeable, which means he'll never need to buy a new battery replacement.

A TSA-Approved Multi-Tool iPhone Case For Emergencies On-The-Go

IN1 Multi Tool Case for iPhone 5, $30, Amazon

With this scratch-proof iPhone cover's two pens, nail file, tweezers, scissors, toothpick, and screwdrivers, your dad will never be caught in an emergency situation that he can't fix, MacGyver-style. It's TSA-approved, so he won't have to worry about taking it off before his next work trip. One user says they have "fallen in love" with this case and have found it really useful, using "most of the components in the last month."

A Star-Wars Themed USB Drive To Store Work Files

Mimoco 8GB Wicket Star Wars USB Flash Drive , $23, Amazon; Jabba the Hut Star Wars USB Flash Drive, $23, Amazon; Darth Maul Star Wars USB Flash Drive, $18, Amazon

Your dad's job has him logging major screen time between computers, so get him a gadget he'll love to hand over to his co-workers when sharing his latest work presentation. This Star Wars-themed USB drive pays tribute to his favorite movie series and will hold up 8GBs of storage. One user gave this little tool five stars, saying, "Who doesn't want a Wicket hanging out with them?" Your dad will definitely agree. Not into Wicket? No worries — Jabba the Hut and Darth Maul are here, too.

A High-Res E-Reader For The Book Loving Dad

Kindle Voyage, 6" High-Resolution Display, $200, Amazon

This Kindle update features a longer lasting battery that lasts weeks and a new front light that adjusts perfectly to day or night. Your dad will love the new high-resolution screen that reads even more like traditional book pages. This version is super sleek yet durable, and it will give him hours of reading time during his summer afternoons on the new deck. One user gave this gadget five stars for being the easiest to turn pages.

(Psst! Try Kindle Unlimited now on a free 30-day trial.)

In-Brew Chillers For The Beer Connoisseur

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack, $20, Amazon

The only thing that your dad has to do to have the perfect cold brew is freeze one of these in-bottle beer chillers, and stick them into his beer bottle. When he sips through the Chillsner, he'll never have to worry about a delicious beer turning warm during an outdoor BBQ again.

Lightweight LCD Writing Tablet For Updated To-Do Lists

Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet, $27, Amazon

Tell your dad that traditional to-do lists are a thing of the past with this LCD writing tablet. Using this board, your dad can write down thoughts with a stainless steel stylus and the touch of a button, freeing his countertops and desk space from random discarded Post-it Notes. This tool is thin and lightweight, and it can easily fit in your dad's laptop bag or briefcase when he wants to take it to his next meeting.

Smart Band For Tracking Workouts And Sleeping Restfully

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, $79, Amazon

This comfortable smart wristband will track how well your dad is sleeping and will give him silent vibrations to replace his alarm when its time for him to wake up. If he's meeting his daily calorie burning and fitness goals, LED lights will let him know he's staying on track. Bonus: your dad's stats can be instantly synced to his laptop or phone so he can see how many steps he took and challenge himself to head out for more.

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell For A Renewed Sense Of Safety

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell, $185, Amazon

This easy-to-set up, WiFi enabled smart doorbell will give your dad's phone alerts and live video when someone walks up to the door, or when they're ringing the doorbell. With built-in night vision, your dad will feel a new sense of safety in keeping things in check around the house. He'll also love knowing when his buddies stop by from down the street, so he can pay them a visit when he gets home from work.

Talking Alert Meat Thermometer For Perfect Hands-Off Grilling

Brookstone Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer, $45, Amazon

Your dad loves to cook outside and prepare the perfectly-cooked steak. He posts up at the grill, constantly checking on the meat. This wireless meat thermometer will announce when everything is done based on the prime temperature and cooking time. With an added belt clip, he can wear it around inside or outside as he actually enjoys his time talking to his family and friends at your get-togethers.

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