The 2 Minutes That Will Make Your Weekend

by Emma Cueto

No matter how your Valentine's Day weekend is shaping up, you could use more kittens in your life. This is an objective fact. And if those kittens happen to be reenacting the Disney classic The Little Mermaid all the better! No, seriously, it's a video of kittens reenacting The Little Mermaid. The video was created by The Pet Collective, an organization dedicated to making cute pet videos until they "break the Internet with cute, cuddly, pet-filled goodness." Now that is a mission we can get behind!

The kitten video feature everything you love about the original: romance, drama, betrayal, rousing musical numbers, Sebastian the crab. It just also involves two unbearable adorable kittens wearing costumes and wandering around their set, knocking over the scenery, and looking around as though not entirely sure what is going on but determined to pounce on something regardless. Plus "Under the Sea" now goes "Darling it's better/ down where it's weirder" which is just great. Because weirder is always better. As are kittens.

If you don't take the next two minutes to enjoy this video then you officially have no soul. So really, you know what you have to do now.

Image: The Pet Collective