A Nashville Bus Station Shooting Has Been Reported

On Monday, reports emerged of a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee near the Music City Central bus station. Metro-Nashville police told FOX Nashville that multiple people were shot at the 5th and Charlotte bus station in downtown Nashville, and confirmed that four teenagers sustained injuries in the incident. The shooting occurred around 3:45 p.m., a time at which many local high schoolers go through the Music City Central bus station as part of their daily commute from school.

Of the four victims, one is 15 years old, two are 17, and one is 18. The three juveniles sustained only minor injuries, but the 18-year-old is in critical condition. Metro police said that victim was shot in the leg, while another sustained shrapnel wounds in their torso. The nature of the other two victims' injuries are unknown. All four have been taken to a nearby hospital.

None of the the identities of those involved have been released, but Metro police spokesperson Kristin Mumford said that the police have "two persons of interest in custody," both men. Mumford also said that the weapon used in the shooting "has been recovered" by police.

The shooting occurred just blocks from the Tennessee State Capitol. The state highway patrol, which handles capital security, told WKRN that the capitol is not currently on lockdown. However, a "large part" of the area has been shut down, with FOX Nashville's Erika Kurre reporting that many local businesses closed shop in the wake of the shooting.

No motive has been reported. At least two of the victims were juveniles, and as such, police aren't expected to release their identities without receiving consent from their parents or legal guardians. One eyewitness told FOX Nashville that when the shooting occurred, around 20 local high-schoolers were on a bus parked at the station.