Zac Efron Injures Himself On 'Bay Watch' Set & Someone Snapped A Picture At The Most Awkward Moment — PHOTO

If there's one thing that the lifeguards of Bay Watch are good at, it's looking totally chill while running down the beach. With the wind in their hair and sand at their heels, the Bay Watch cast has never looked anything but flawless while making a beeline to the waves to rescue a drowning beach dweller. One might assume that Zac Efron, himself a rather chill dude who would look marvelous running towards you on a sandy shore, would also make a rescue mission look this effortless. Unfortunately for the actor, a recent photo of Efron on the Bay Watch set has totally blown up his spot. Efron's latest on-set tumble is everything you need to see today, and reminds us that Efron is — despite what his abs might indicate — surprisingly human.

The characters in the reboot of the '90s TV series, which also stars Dwayne Johnson and original series star Pamela Anderson, have been described by Johnson as the "Avengers of the beach." Unfortunately for Efron, his recent on-set photo isn't exactly the most "heroic" he has has ever looked. The pic, a group shot of Efron running down the beach with his castmates and their iconic red floats, will make you cringe for Efron:

While it's unclear if Efron's photo is part of an onscreen stunt or just a hilariously embarrassing candid moment, the truth is, we have all been Efron in that moment. In fact, it reminds me of a certain scene from Mean Girls, with Lindsay Lohan's character Cady being the one who winds up on the ground — or, rather, upside down inside a trashcan.

Real talk though: you OK, Efron? Here's hoping that Efron dusted the sand off of his swim trunks and got right on back to saving lives onscreen.

Image: Paramount Pictures (screenshot)