Ryan Gosling Doesn't Understand The Meme He Inspired In Hilarious Sketch — VIDEO

If there's one celebrity who is the fictional boyfriend of many adoring ladies, it's Ryan Gosling. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but I like to think it was sometime between he was building a dream house for his onscreen girlfriend in The Notebook and catching Emma Stone, Dirty Dancing style, in Crazy Stupid Love. People go gaga over Gosling, so much so that this charming actor has received a whole new persona from his obsessed fans. Fans have created Gosling-inspired merchandise that portray that actor as both the world's best boyfriend and an awesome feminist ally, likely inspired by the fact that Gosling has championed the strong women in his life. In fact, there's even a "Feminist Ryan Gosling" Tumblr account, in which Gosling imparts feminist wisdom beginning with the simple phrase "Hey, girl." Unfortunately, if you thought that the real-life Gosling was spouting hey girl-isms, this new sketch featuring Gosling and Russell Crowe will totally crush your dreams in the best, most hilarious way.

The sketch is part of a four-part series titled Couples Therapy, which features the two co-stars attempting to get along despite their differences. In the sketch Crowe, who is starring alongside the Gos in the upcoming film The Nice Guys, participates in an intervention to stop Gosling from marketing himself in coloring books and calendars as the character created for the "Hey, girl" meme. But Gosling insists that he's never even uttered the phrase, and that he's not even that good of a person. He doesn't even compost, after all, and the title "feminist" really has to be earned.

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Unfortunately for Gosling, this sketch will do anything but kill the "Hey, girl" meme — it just might make our collective obsession with the Notebook star grow exponentially. He may have never uttered "Hey, girl," but he does have the ability to make us laugh at our office desk, and that's more than enough reason to adore him.