Recent Photos Of Steven Avery In Prison Remind 'Making A Murderer' Viewers Of The Reality He Faces

Carla Chase's personal collection of photographs of Steven Avery in prison, which she posts on Twitter, could prove emotional for those who believe the subject of Netflix's Making a Murderer is not guilty. Nevertheless, the reality is that Avery was convicted of murder, and much of his life has therefore gone to the Wisconsin justice system. After over 26 years in prison, Avery still remains behind bars. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, is currently facing the same fate, having already spent over a decade in federal prison. Though she's a close relative of the men — Chase is a niece of Avery and Dassey's first cousin — Chase's photographs have deep meaning to a great many people beyond the their families. They speak to viewers of the Avery-Dassey story around the globe.

These photographs are predominantly of Avery with assorted members of their family. However, Chase's Twitter also includes snapshots of letters written by Dassey, as well as images of friends at the Avery junkyard. In the photos from prison, both men appear thrilled to have visits from their family, especially with the limited time they are allotted to spend with them. These pictures are likely to inspire strong feelings for many.

Chase's daughter Danielle is pictured here. She was only a baby when Avery returned to prison.

In these shots are of various members of Avery's family.

These photographs were taken recently, on April 17.

The last set features Chase, and was only taken days ago.

Chase seems very determined to keep the Avery-Dassey story in public eyes by shedding some light on what is happening within the confines of the Waupun Correctional Institution, where Avery sits behind bars, and the Columbia Correctional Facility, where Dassey is currently housed. She seems ambitious in her hope to humanize the two men in order to assist their respective cases in the future, but as the docuseries has indicated, there is no telling where their lives could lead.

Image: Netflix