'Catfish' Pair Kayla & Courtney’s Unusual Connection Even Caught Max Off-Guard

The fifth season has already had plenty of ups and downs, but MTV, Nev, and Max are all promising that the April 27 episode of Catfish, featuring Kayla and Courtney, is going to be the series' most shocking reveal. Not the season's most shocking reveal — the entire series. Already, with just a few details about the episode, it sounds like it will live up to the hype. According to MTV's trailers, Kayla's father died 14 years ago and it's a truly tragic and moving story, a lot heavier than what usually motivates people to contact Catfish. But Kayla is being contacted by a woman, Courtney, who's claiming to be in contact with her father "spiritually." Now, I can't imagine how I would feel about a perfect stranger contacting me about something so serious from my past. But Kayla decided to call in the Catfish crew in order to check out Courtney's claim.

So, instead of a romance like we usually see on Catfish, these two women have a very different connection, but one that has just as much emotion involved as an online relationship that's lasted several years, if not more. And for some reason (both her story and probably the fact that we happen to have the same name), I relate strongly to Kayla already. Here's everything I know about her dramatic episode of Catfish so far.

There Will Be Many Tears

It's no surprise that things get emotional in this episode, but it looks like Kayla tears up a few times. A good sign, that she manages to connect with her father? Or a sign that the episode will end in disappointment?

Kayla's Aunt Will Be By Her Side

Kayla won't be dealing with Courtney alone, because her Aunt Shannon is going to be investigating the case right alongside her. It's always good when potential Catfishees have their family or friends around.

Kayla Is A Parent Herself

This episode of Catfish has a lot of family involved. According to her Facebook, Kayla gave birth to her son when she was 16 years old and it looks like she's a great, devoted mom.

Max Is Conflicted Too

Max is usually Nev's rock, the straight man among all of the craziness on this show, and even he was literally sleepless over the shocks delivered in this episode, hoping that a woman could really be communicating with the dead — all because he just wants Kayla to be happy.

Kayla Is Open To The Supernatural

Many people would probably be skeptical about a stranger contacting them with supposedly supernatural connections, but Kayla seems open to the idea. She recently posted about how she sometimes feels like she has moments of clairvoyance herself, so it seems that she already believes in these types of abilities.

The Episode Is Supersized

Make sure you have some extra time to watch this installment of Catfish, because it's going to last a full 90 minutes, which means there should be even more twists than usual in store. Because while it may seem impossible that Courtney could really be in contact with Kayla's dad, anything can happen in Catfish Season 5.

Image: MTV