Being RoboCop Rules, Unless You Have to Pee

RoboCop's cyborg makeover gave an everyday policeman a serious power boost: super strength, icy rationality, built-in artillery — the list goes on. But, as the star of the recently released remake, Joel Kinnaman, reveals RoboCop's suit limited his ability to pee. "There was a procedure," Kinnaman explained to E! News. "It took awhile, but you get through it. They didn't have to take me [to the bathroom] but they had to remove certain parts, the essentials."

While left wondering whether these "certain parts" were of the suit or Kinnaman's person, one might also begin to ponder the on-set struggles of other such besuited actors: Spiderman's morphsuit, Tony Stark's clunky armor — Rebecca Romijn's Mystique make-up in the X-Men movies must have been a nightmare. And more than that, you start to question just how it is that, within the movies themselves, your favorite heroes are supposed to relieve themselves amid all their crime-fighting and day-saving. Sure, in a world where characters can leap tall buildings in a single bound, it seems insane to quibble about something so mundane as bathroom accessibility. But then again, the point of, say, Batman and Iron Man is that they're essentially regular Joes in special suits — special suits that are apparently particularly difficult to get out of when nature calls. So, either these guys have monk-like bladder control (and a staggering history of kidney infections), or they just let it fly, mid-fight, which just seems impractical if nothing else. I, for one, would like to see this issue addressed in the slew of upcoming Marvel movies. Maybe the Avengers could get a group rate on some Stadium Pals?

According to Kinnaman, though, the urinary difficulty was worth it, and may even have provided him with some real empathy for his character:

"It was great wearing the suit in that it made me feel badass. But it also made me feel some of the vulnerability that the character was going through and that was an interesting contrast of emotion, being amputated from the throat down but at the same time having this almost invincible incredible new body. The suit helped me understand some of those thoughts."

Okay, Stanislavsky. Just take it easy on the coffee.

Image: Getty Images; tumblr