'The Lego Movie' Continues To Beat All Competition

February is a notorious box office dumping ground. The critically acclaimed stuff having mostly hit the wind around the holidays, the time actually surrounding the Oscars is where the kids movies, the sappy romance, the run-of-the-mill comedies, and the A-list-starring critically iffy go to live out there days. This February's got some element of interest outside the Monuments Men of it all, though, and that's The Lego Movie , whose box office success is proving that studios can go a long way when they commit to making a film that will appeal to kids but also draw in the adults.

The Lego Movie, which opened last weekend to $69 million, continued to top the box office this weekend with $48.8 million for the three days. That brings its total to about $129 million for a worldwide total gross.

Coming in after The Lego Movie was the Kevin Hart-starrer About Last Night, which brought in $27 million this weekend. Number three was that RoboCop reboot, with $21.5 million; Monuments Men trailed behind that with $15 million, followed by the Alex Pettyfer-starring Endless Love with a paltry $13.4 million. Colin Ferrell's magically realist Winter's Tale trailed behind even that and the still-in-theaters Kevin Hart-starring Ride Along with $7.8 million.

Summer blockbusters can not come soon enough.

Image: Warner Animation Group