You Can Actually Buy Glossier's Cute Pink Pouches

I am sooooo glad I saved mine. Glossier's Pink Pouches, in which the brand packages its skincare and makeup items, are so insanely cute. They come in that DNA distinct, Glossier bubblegum pink shade, which is a pink hue that I don't think I've ever seen anywhere else. They are lined in bubblewrap and have a zip enclosure. The Pouches have become as recognizable as the products themselves because brand synergy and signatures are essential when launching a new line. Whenever I've received Glossier items for review, like the amazing Milky Jelly Cleanser, I've stored the accompanying Pink Pouches for future use. I've then repurposed them as makeup bags while traveling, as a clutch when out and about, and for toting almonds or dog treats. They are so multi-purpose and are adorbs enough to function like an accessory. Can you actually buy the Glossier Pink Pouch on its own?

Pink Pouches (3-pack), $12, Glossier; Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18, Glossier

Well, yes and no! But don't panic.

You can't buy a single Pink Pouch but you can buy a pack of three Pink Pouches in a set for $12. That way, if you use one to store liquids in your airplane carry-on and have a spill, you can toss it if the damage is too great. You'll still have four more to use at a later date, at another location, or for a different occasion.

Or you can totally clean the "used" Pouch with a washcloth and reuse it.

The Pink Pouches avail themselves for so many repeat uses. They are quart-sized, so they are TSA-ready. Forget trying to cram perfume, contact solution, body oil, and conditioner bottles into those boring, clear plastic sandwich baggies. Travel in style, yo!

As noted, the color is crazy unique, too. It's such a lovely shade of pink. Plus, the bubblewrap will protect any valuables while traveling, like jewelry.

I mean, Glossier's Pink Pouch can totally double as a clutch when you are on the go and out on the town. The shade totally pops against an all-black outfit. I know, since I've done it.

The zipper feature ensures that all your items will remain safely tucked inside. The red slider adds a little pop of color, too. Because #Details.

Leave it to Glossier to have packaging that is so awesome and so cool that they can actually sell it separately. The Pink Pouch is perfectly sized for carrying essentials — ID, credit cards, cash, lip gloss, Boy Brow, keys, an eyeliner, whatever!

Images: Courtesy Glossier (5)