Someone Made A Snapchat-Based Horror Film

If the thought of having an electronic footprint of everything you've ever done saved online forever doesn't scare you, I think I might have found something that will. Space Oddity Films came out with a new short this week, and it's a Snapchat horror story guaranteed to make your heart race! It's under a few minutes, but it is truly pushing the limit of what social media can do these days. Go team Snapchat!

The way that the media landscape is shifting, it was about time someone used social media to create content like this. Movies are just a collection of short scenes, long enough to make a point or illuminate something. And what are Snaps but ten second short scenes? Combining them into a cohesive storyline makes them both more personal and more realistic. Personally, I have never been afraid of scary movies, until I saw Halloween. That movie didn't have that many special effects, it was just a grown man chasing a little kid. That, alone, is very scary. The same concept can be applied here — the quality of the phone is limiting us to practical effects and shorter narratives. Both combine to make a believable horror story that gave me goosebumps.

I cannot wait how other people will pick up this idea and run with it. I think someone needs to do a romantic comedy featuring Snapchat stories. Maybe a reimagining of Sleepless In Seattle? Or maybe The Lake House? Whatever it might be, the short format is perfect for browsing at work or in bed late at night.

What impressed me the most was quality of the film in the dark. I don't know if this film had a Director of Photograph or even a lighting team, but the setting didn't effect the picture quality too bad.

I also really appreciate the camera angles — it feels very intimate and professional. Like we are inside of this woman's room and catching something happen that we shouldn't.

I'm sensing that Paranormal Activity is going to be capitalizing on this trend ASAP, and we can look forward to peeing our pants in public from sheer fear. If anything, people need to start taking a page from Kylie Jenner's book. She did this months ago and her video was actually very funny and well planned out. With the proper team of videographers she could have made it into an even bigger movie!

I guess Snapchat took a page from her book and made their own. Leave it to the Kardashian-Jenner clan to redefine social media, huh? If you are craving another short film, you can make your own, but in the meantime you can check out another Jenner original.

I suggest you get a good cast together and start making something today. Maybe you can even make your own Snapchat network.

Images: YouTube