How To Dry Out Pimples Overnight For Clear Skin By Morning

I’ve always been pretty lucky when it comes to skin. Some dryness here, a few breakouts there, a bit of keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms, sure. But for the most part, the worst I’ve ever had to deal with is last-minute breakouts — and the futile attempts to dry out pimples overnight. They always arise when you least expect it — usually the day before something moderately important (like a Tinder date, or your best friend’s wedding). Fortunately, though, they’re definitely manageable.

Sudden breakouts can happen for a whole bunch of reasons; things like shifting hormones, too much sugar, stress, and lack of sleep often factor into the current clarity of your skin. That being said, for those lone, single whiteheads, we’ve got options. They’re easy enough to handle if you know which ingredients are best for drying and healing, and there’s tons of hacks and tricks when it comes to these kinds of spot treatments. Some of the best ones even work their magic overnight, so you can wake up in the morning clear-faced and ready to face the day, no pun intended. Keep reading for a list of my all-time favorite methods for zapping that pimple quickly and effectively while you sleep.

Use A Reliable Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, Amazon

If you’re looking for something to dry out your pimple stat, simply dab on Mario Badescu's drying lotion, which uses salicylic acid and calamine to shrink it down in a matter of hours. It’s great for sensitive, acne-prone skin, and reviewers say they’ve tried tons of creams and solutions before finally finding this one. It also helps stop the spread of breakouts, and because it works overnight, just a few dabs before bedtime is all you need to clear that spot right up.

Soak Up Oils With Dead Sea Salt

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask, $12, Amazon

Sea salt is incredible for acne because it kills the bacteria that causes it, detoxifies skin, balances the natural pH, and, of course, dries excess oil right up. This Dead Sea mud mask is absolutely teeming with vitamins and minerals that help to clear up your skin. Its other ingredients include 100 percent organic shea butter, aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil, which work to absorb all of the dirt and impurities in your skin while making sure your dermis stays hydrated and protected. This mask makes a great before-bed regiment anytime you start to notice a breakout, and reviewers love how smooth, clean, and refreshed their skin feels afterwards.

Control Sebum With Argan Oil

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, $14, Amazon

Argan oil regulates the production of sebum and is absolutely filled with vitamin E and omega 6, and that’s why it’s a great all-natural spot corrector. This organic Moroccan argan oil is an awesome option because it’s cold-pressed and triple extra virgin grade, which means that it’s minimally processed to retain all of the oil’s natural health-giving qualities. It also comes in a tinted glass jar (also for preservation reasons), and it has a dropper tool for convenient and precise application. Reviewers use it on everything from hair to nails, but it’s especially great as an overnight pimple treatment.

Dry It Out With Lemon Water

Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel, $8, Amazon

The citric acid in lemon juice works as a natural astringent, which exfoliates, shrinks, dries out, and gets rid of redness, and the vitamin C helps to nourish the skin in the meantime. This peeling gel makes for a fun and effective mask that contains lemon water, aloe vera, witch hazel, and chamomile to sooth and refresh skin as it peels off any excess dirt or oil. It’s great for use over a single spot or your entire face, and because it’s hypoallergenic, even those with the most sensitive skin are enjoying its pleasant smell and smooth after-effects.

Target The Pimple At Its Source With Salicylic Acid

Body Merry Spot On Drying Cream, $15, Amazon

Body Merry's drying cream is considered the number-one best skin treatment out of all the new releases, and that’s because it dries and shrinks all isolated pimples in a matter of hours. It uses zinc oxide, cinnamon extract, and salicylic acid to target the pimples at their source, and reviewers love it because it lessens redness, reduces swelling, shrinks breakouts, and is chemical-free. While it’s made for targeted overnight use, it’s also sensitive enough to use all over your face, if you so choose.

Fight Bacteria With Gentle Manuka Oil

100 Percent Manuka Essential Oil, $24, Amazon

Manuka essential oil is great for these types of things because it has similar anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal qualities as tea tree oil, but it’s way more gentle for your skin. This Manuka essential oil is entirely pure and sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand, and while it can be used for everything from foot fungus to massages, it’s wonderful for use on pimples. One reviewer said that she saw an immense difference after one use, and that’s coming from someone who’s had breakouts since high school.

Exfoliate And Soothe Inflammation With Baking Soda

Biore Baking Soda Cleanser, $6, Amazon

Baking soda makes an incredible spot treatment because it balances the pH levels of your skin, absorbs any excess oils, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Plus, its gritty consistency exfoliates away any dead skin or dirt. Biore's baking powder cleanser works to tone your skin and shrink pimples using its concentrated formula. Because it’s significantly more gentle than other exfoliating washes, it’s good for use on recent breakouts, and reviewers love the tingly fresh feeling that it leaves behind.

Tone Skin With Apple Cider Vinegar

Hello Cider Face Wipes, $19, Amazon

Apple cider vinegar seems to be the miracle treatment for all things beauty, so why not skin? It kills bacteria, removes dirt, acts as a toning astringent, and restores natural acidity levels, and that’s why it makes a great spot treatment. These Hello Cider face wipes utilize all the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar in an easy-to-use wipe, and as an added bonus, they contain tea-tree oil and rose water to further cleanse, soothe, and moisturize. Reviewers are going nuts over these because, in addition to working wonders on their skin, they’re oh-so-convenient to apply.

Try An All-Natural Spot Treatment For Sensitive Skin

Burt’s Bees Spot Treatment, $10, Amazon

For an all-natural overnight solution, there’s Burt’s Bees spot treatment. This solution utilizes willow bark extract to penetrate deep into pores and shrink acne away. It’s a great option for anyone with ultra-sensitive skin, as ingredients like tea tree, calendula, yarrow, and parsley extracts help to soothe and moisturize. It also comes in an essential-oil bottle for controlled application, and people love it because it’s reliable, non-irritating, and effective.

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