Jen From 'Welcome To Motherhood' Is Single & Fab

Bravo's latest reality TV adventure, There Goes the Motherhood , made its debut last week and it's another home run, in my opinion. The series follows an exclusive group of six mothers who attend a class together taught by parenting expert Jill Spivack in Los Angeles. The class teaches these women how to manage their children's sleep schedules, behavior, and lives in general. Being a mom can feel overwhelming at times and it can sometimes seem like you are on an island covered in diapers, but the women from There Goes The Motherhood have found that their meetings give them a "sisterhood" to revive them when they need it. Cast member, Jen Bush is navigating the trenches as a single mom and, even though it's bound to be tough, Jen is one fabulous single mom.

Jen's Bravo profile mentions that she has an ex-husband but it doesn't say his name. It does say that she found herself single shortly after the birth of their child. I can't imagine that it's easy to suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself as a single parent. By the looks of it, Jen seems to be doing just fine. Single mom life looks good on her. Take a look for yourself.

Her Shoe Game Is On Point

I need those shoes in my life. Jen, can I take a peek through your closet?

She Knows How To Choose Underwear

That's some seriously fancy underwear in that box. You go, mama!

She's Hilarious

I want that robe. It's nice to see that even after all she has undoubtedly been through, her sense of humor is alive and well.

She Goes All Out For Holidays

I absolutely love decorating for holidays, but when you're a mom, sometimes it can get away from you. Jen not only manages to decorate for holidays but she decorates like a boss. I bow down.

Jen looks like she'll be fun to get to know. I'll definitely be tuning in on Wednesdays to check out her and the rest of the moms on There Goes The Motherhood.

Images: Andrew Eccles/Bravo