Evans Launches #IAmMe Campaign For Plus Size Inspo

British plus size brand Evans has become a market leader in promoting self love and positive body image, with many campaigns focusing on celebrating actual plus size women's bodies. Evans' #IAmMe campaign, launched on Apr. 26, is no exception. Only this time around, it seems the brand has listened to the critique it previously received for the lack of diversity in its #StyleHasNoSize campaign of 2015.

#IAmMe is focused on celebrating diverse body types and sizes by featuring eight prominent names in the plus size industry — all of whom represent not only the myriad of ways there are to have a plus size body, but the myriad of ways there are to be a remarkable woman.

The cast of the video and photo shoot consists of plus size babes who have excelled in their fields, including bloggers Callie Thorpe and Nadia Aboulhosn. Hayley Hasselhoff, Alessandra Garcia, and new face on the fatshion scene Brielle Anyea are all models signed to MiLK Model Management. Evans also included MiLK Models founder and former model Anna Shillinglaw in the campaign. Marathon runner Mirna Valerio and singer/songwriter Jessica Clemmons also joined in.

Showcasing Evans' spring/summer collection, the brand seems to have taken special care in choosing this particular girl gang. Each are women who, together, represent the many different types of people who shop plus sizes.

The point of #IAmMe is to celebrate individuality. As each superstar takes turns voicing how fashion has helped them as an individual, it becomes clear that diversity in fashion is about so much more than the clothes we put on our bodies, but about representation and autonomy.

What Evans has done is highlight the importance so many of us place on fashion as a way to perceive and express ourselves, while tackling the idea that self love can only ever help our body image and confidence.

Although the campaign is titled #IAmMe, the video tracks through all the different things these women are. Stylish, inspiring, confident, and unique are just a few of the words used to describe these stars. And in turn, they hopefully become words other plus size women realize they can apply to themselves as well.

We not only get to see the women feeling confident in themselves, but lifting each other up. Whether you show people laughing or modeling together, highlighting diversity works best when paired with solidarity. Or as Evans put it in the press release for #IAmMe, "This campaign shows that women are strongest when they are united together; and by shooting this collective we can demonstrate the power and confidence fashion can give to people."

Images: Courtesy Evans