How To Message Surprise Puppy Pics On Facebook

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you were short for adorable things to look at to get you through your workdays (ahem, procrastinate with — it's OK, we all do it) fear not, because this little tutorial on how to send your friends surprise puppy pictures on Facebook will change you, heal you, and make you whole once more (I will cool it on the drama, but this is actually amazing).

It's a "secret" Facebook feature that somehow we're only finding out about now (secrets are no fun, after all!). What you have to do is open any messenger window, and then click "Write a message," or just pretend like you're responding to the thread. Then you type: @dailycute, and nothing else.

At this point, the feature takes over, sending your friend a picture of an adorable little animal, and a little explanation of what they're doing or what their name is. The makers of this delicious little trick is a website called Daily Cute, which is literally nothing more than a compilation of cute animal photos (you can upload your own, if you want!)

For your entertainment pleasure, please witness images of me harassing my friends this morning. (Not pictured: the "It's for an article, don't question" disclaimer that went at the end). First, we have "Mountain dog puppy," which is truthfully all the explanation we need for something so precious and perfect.

Mountain Dog Puppy:

This baby's face is enough to make you spend the rest of your afternoon searching Pet Finder (who cares if your Super won't allow animals? You can dream, can't you?)

Next, a kitten who fell asleep on top of the scratching post...

Too Tired To Play:

Being a cat is exhausting. But also, this is weirdly relatable... Who hasn't fallen asleep in a position weirdly similar to that after an extremely long day? (Not I, not I.)

Up next is two brothers who are too adorable for words...

"Double Trouble:"

Those faces. THOSE FACES. How could you not take both of them home at once?!

They are truly only second to this brand new cat dad and his big, fluffy white monster. Judging by their expressions, they were actually made for one another:

Noodles and New Dad:

So there you have it – the most perfect, adorable way to both give your friends something to happily procrastinate with, and uh, something for you to distract yourself with as well. (I would be lying if I didn't admit these are only a few of the endless stream of pics I sent mostly to my best friend who, surprisingly enough, didn't even question it that much.)

Images: Cindy Ord/Getty Images; Brianna Wiest (4)