6 Ways To Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

Are you excited to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day on April 30?! It's only one of the best days out of the year for us book nerds because we get to gather, celebrate, and be surrounded by books all day long. In case you're new to this celebration, which is A-OK, it's a day to not just celebrate bookstores, but the communities that indie bookstores bring together, the local authors you love, and the quiet and unique spaces these stores offer. It's all about celebrating the joy of books, and I honestly have no idea how it can get much better than that.

Independent bookstores around the US are celebrating, which means they'll have limited edition merchandise for sale (we're talking about a Neil Gaiman coloring book, newly published and signed books, and other literary things!), events throughout the day, and fun prizes! It all depends on what your local indie bookstore plans to do, but it'll most likely be awesome.

Now that you're all stoked to celebrate, you might be wondering how to do so this IBD. Not to worry, I've got six pretty fantastic ways for you, your friends, and anyone else that loves books to make the most of this important day. Treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee and a new book this IBD, and have fun because this weekend is going to be one for the books.

1. Visit Your Favorite Independent Bookstore, obviously!

If you live in a major city, you probably know of a handful of indie bookstores. If you don't or if you're new to your town, check out the official Independent Bookstore Day website map and find the closest bookstore to you. Each bookstore has exclusive items for IBD, and you definitely don't want to miss out.

2. Spread The Word

Before, during, and even after IBD, spread the word! Talk about it with your friends, post about it on social media, go crazy. We're celebrating the bookstores that make the world go round, so this is important news to share. When it comes to spreading the word, all it really takes is an Instagram of a bookshelf or a tweet about your favorite bookstore — which, let's be honest, you already fill your feed with anyway.

3. Check Out Events

Some indie bookstores will be hosting certain events, like The Book Cellar in Chicago and Brookline Booksmith in Boston. Make sure to look at whichever bookstore(s) you'll be visiting this year and check out what they have planned on their event calendar.

4. Support Your Local Bookstores And Authors

If you're able to, supporting local and independent bookstores and authors is as easy as purchasing a novel from their store. Buy a coffee from their cafe and pick the book that just came out or the one that takes place in your town. There will probably be a few recommendation signs throughout the store, as indie bookstores love to supply, so pick up one of those, too!

5. Go On A Date

If you want to go celebrate IBD but your squad is unavailable or maybe they aren't into book as much as you, swipe through those dating apps and plan a date at the nearest indie bookstore! If you're already in a relationship, celebrate this day together and go buy each other a new book while you're out and about.

6. Introduce Someone New To An Independent Bookstore

If you have a little niece, cousin, or maybe a kid you babysit or nanny for, take them out to an indie bookstore this weekend! Introducing a child to the world of books is a thrilling experience, and one you won't forget. IBD celebrates readers of all age, and most bookstores will have something special for the little ones celebrating, too. Bring your whole family if you can and have a great, book-filled day!

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