Beth Bowen From 'There Goes The Motherhood' Is A Kickass Mom In More Ways Than One

Another year, another Bravo reality show for us to watch. And, there’s one that has definitely piqued my interest — There Goes The Motherhood. It follows the women who to belong to Jill Spivack’s coveted Los Angeles “mommy group,” where moms can bond and commiserate and, since this is a Bravo reality show, fight with each other. But, hey, I’m down for adorable babies and good hair days in Los Angeles. All of the women in the group (and on the show, obvs) come from very different backgrounds — so, who is Beth Bowen on There Goes The Motherhood ? reports that Beth got married at the age of 23 and had four kids by 32. Prior to her time as a mommy, Beth was an actress and model. Unfortunately, life has been pretty rough on Beth lately — she’s going through a divorce, and she’s still reeling at the loss of her mother. The silver lining? Her mother’s death, according to her Bravo bio, “brought Beth back to her passion for health and wellness,” and she’s pursuing a new career based on that. That’s called making lemons into lemonade, people.

Health and wellness gurus are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles (where everyone is into health and wellness anyway), so let’s take a look at Beth’s approach to helping people get fit. If cheeseburgers are involved, I’ll follow her anywhere.

She Has Fun With Her Fitness

Going to the gym can be boring if you’re not injecting any fun into it. Yes, I said that going to the gym can be fun. For me, hip-hop dance classes and aerial yoga are just two ways of working out that push the limits and can make you feel better about breaking a sweat. Beth knows this — who can frown when posing in a handstand?

She Believes In Treating Yourself

Cheat days? Hell yeah! It's obvious from her Instagram that Beth loves a good burger (I knew I liked her), and she knows that it's perfectly OK to indulge as part of a regular, balanced fitness regimen. Is anyone else suddenly very hungry?

She Gets Motivated By Her Own Trainer

I don't know about you guys, but I find it hard to work out on my own. I don't have the button that wants me to run faster — it just wants me to run to the couch. Beth works out with a trainer to help her meet her goals and push her to her limits for the ultimate in fitness. Maybe I should get that guys' number.

She Has A Sense Of Humor About It All

Look, life happens. Sometimes, you eat cake. Sometimes, your cat throws up all over your apartment and you miss your spin class. Beth's funny quips on Instagram definitely encourage those on their path to fitness to take it all in stride — there's always another day and another gym class coming up.

Look out, world — Beth Bowen may be a mommy, but she's also going to kick your butt (metaphorically, of course) into shape!

Images: Andrew Eccles/Bravo