Kelly Clarkson's Sweet Pics Of Her Family

If you've followed Kelly Clarkson's career, you know that she's very much about family. I mean, her performance of "Piece by Piece" on a the final season of American Idol was a testament to just how much her husband and children mean to her. I think I'm still crying over it. *Wipes stray tear* Yep, I totally am. She recently gave birth to her second child, and on Tuesday, Clarkson posted a picture with her kids and new baby, Remy, that is going to make you melt. But that's not the only photo with Remy or the rest of the Clarkson-Blackstocks. Clarkson's pictures of and with her kids, all four of them, are probably the best thing about her being on social media.

Whether she's just hanging out with her brood or taking them on grand adventures with her and meeting other famous peeps, the pictures she shares are always adorable. And sometimes she even throws in a video or two, which obviously only amplifies the cuteness. Clarkson is also unlike your Facebook friends. The singer is totally conscious of when she thinks she's posting a few too many pics of her kids and apologizes for it — even though she definitely doesn't need to.

Here are a few pics that show off the singer's love for her family.

1. When She Gushed About Her Own "Von Trapp" Fam

Such a beautiful shot.

2. When She Gave Remy Quite The Introduction

That little smile!

3. When River Gave A Shout Out To The New American Idol & Runner Up

As is her duty as the official Idol heir.

4. When She Let Us In On River's Easter Experience

Poor River. He scares me, too.

5. Which Also Included Some Exciting Egg Hunting


6. When They Chilled With Ellen Degeneres

The outfit is v. appropriate.

7. When She Went To Perform On American Idol And Remy Tagged Along...

...In utero.

8. When They Met Cinderella

So jeal.

9. When Santa And River Definitely Weren't BFFs

Though, Santa seems pretty amused.

10. When She Shared This Sister Photo

Best mom and stepmom, actually.

11. When She Showed Off Her Awesome Family Christmas Card

Seriously, this is too good.

Now, excuse me while I go listen to "Piece by Piece" on loop.