Angelina Jolie's New Film of Olympic Proportions

In light of a dramatic and edge-of-your-seat Olympics season, it's reasonable that you might suffer from Olympics withdrawal when all of the festivities come to an end on February 23rd. (Quite frankly, I'm still not over the 2012 London Summer Olympics.) But you won't have to fret too long if you're craving some Olympics flavor in your life. Angelina Jolie has paired up with the Coen Brothers to direct a new film, Unbroken , that centers around a 1936 American Olympian. This inspiring film proves that the spirit of an Olympian goes far beyond their passion for sports.

Jolie's film stars Domhnall Gleeson, Garrett Hedlund, and Jai Courtney and is set to release Christmas Day 2014. The story follows Louis Zamperini, a real life Olympian who ran in the 1936 Berlin games and whose air force helicopter crashed during World War II. Zamperini defies all odds by braving the waters of the Pacific Ocean for 47 days without nourishment. He fought off shark attacks and enemy fire whilst stranded at sea only to find land and be captured by the Japanese. Zamperini was then kept and tortured as a prisoner of war for two years and somehow managed to make it out alive. You can check out the trailer for Unbroken below, which features the actual Zamperini, detailing his experiences.

Image: Getty Images