House of Holland's Fall 2014 RTW "Debauched Debutantes" Make Us Wanna Go to Prep School

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If you're looking for icily perfect tailoring and clothing that engages in dialogue with the art that's come before, look elsewhere. House of Holland's Fall 2014 collection cares not about propriety and high culture — try too much champagne and smoking in the boy's room, baby. Henry Holland was inspired by issues of Tatler from 1980-1992, and we definitely spot that wham-bam-trust-fund-ma'am '80s mentality in these clothes. We wouldn't wear this collection to work — or to meet our significant other's wealthy great aunt for tea — but we wouldn't mind having an illicit cigarette with the sort of "Rich Bish" who wears get-ups like this on the regular.

Images: Getty Images

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