This week in disgusting things that giant corporate chain stores somehow get away with:

  • Walmart may ditch it's plans to expand its mega-stores to the DC area, because Washington lawmakers might actually require them to pay their workers a "living wage."
  • Meanwhile, Target felt the need to give their managers a few "multi-cultural tips" on how to work with Latino employees. Apparently Spanish-speakers don't exclusively listen to salsa music and eat tacos. And get this: they don't even wear sombreros to work! Could you remind us how to say "Go to Hell" in Spanish?

This moving PSA serves as an important reminder of the millions of lives that are touched by the work of Planned Parenthood every year.

The Antarctic's Pine Island Glacier (fondly known as the PIG) just cracked off a piece of iceberg 8-times the size of Manhattan. They say the real issue is sea-level rise, but that won't convince us to take a cruise in the area any time soon.

My cavekid could draw that! A group of archeologists claims to have discovered 5,000 year-old writing resembling modern Chinese figures etched onto ancient broken axes in China.

Sen. Chris Murphy has kindly asked shooting goods manufacturer Zombie Industries to discontinue its "Gun Control Lobbyist" practice target, confirming our belief that target manufacturers are some of the most sickminded people on earth.

Even Miss USA 2012 uses Tinder! She told's The Cut, "Even pageant-title-holders get lonely." Aw!

We wish we were cool enough to have scored an invite to dance with Jay-Z for his new "docu-music video" Picasso Baby, but at least this nice lady got her turn!

Photo Credit: BBC, AP, Itsadredogg on Instagram