See Every ColourPop Cosmetics Matte X Lippie Color

It seems like not a week can go by without this Indie company launching something new. This time, ColourPop Cosmetics created a new lipstick formula and it's launching super soon. If you're wondering what the new Matte X Lippie Stix colors are, you'll be happy to know that there is a color for just about every occasion. Whether you're a bright lip lover or just looking for a good neutral, this makeup line has you covered.

From bright purples to subtle nudes, there's something for everything in the new ColourPop Cosmetics launch. The company rolls new colors out like crazy, and it looks like the Matte X Lippy Stix will be some of the best ever. You've already seen two of the shades — the bright pink Poppin' and red Trust Me — that the brand released as limited edition gifts a few months back. The other 14 hues are completely new, but they won't be around for long.

According to ColourPop Cosmetics's Snapchat, these colors aren't limited edition, but they will all be limited supply. That means you should know what colors you want before the April 28 release date. At just $5 a piece, there's no doubt in my mid that these lipsticks will sell out fast.

ColourPop does a great job of swatching all the colors on different skin tones on Snapchat. I'd give the brand a follow at ColourPopCosmetics if you're interested in seeing more. Kathleen Fuentes aka KathleenLights also did a full video wearing the colors and reviewing them which, you should be warned, will only make you fall more in love with each and every one. Here's exactly what colors will be in the online shop on April 28, so you can plan for the launch accordingly.

1. She Bad

If this isn't the perfect nude, then I don't know what is. It's the most subtle shade in the collection by far.

2. Pillow Talk

Mauve meets brown in this gorgeous pink shade. The shade reminds me of an edgier version of the brand's Aquarius Lippy Stix.

3. Hollywood Blvd

There are a lot of red hues in this collection. This one is a little bit muted, making it perfect for wearing throughout the entire year.

4. Cami

If you're looking for the perfect subtle springtime color, Cami is the one for you.

5. Boa

You've seen purple lipsticks, you've seen pink lipsticks, but this lilac shade is something completely new.

6. Tickler

This one can instantly amp up any makeup look. Believe it or not, it's not the brightest in the collection, though.

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7. Barely There

Despite the name, there's nothing subtle about this bright pink lippie.

8. Poppin'

This limited edition color was one of the first sneak peeks of the formula, and now it's coming back.

9. Topless

Somewhere between the neutrals and the brights, this color is perfect if you're looking to slowly get into bold lip looks.

10. Bootie

The bright color is just one of the many red shades in the line. No matter what your undertones are, ColourPop's got you covered.

11. Love Life

The bright red gets a little more muted.

12. Trust Me

This is the other color the brand released as a sneak peek.

13. Chateau

The range even includes some fall colors for you to stock up on.

14. Climax

This is the boldest color of the line, but it's perfect for making a statement this spring.

15. Back Up

The third purple in the formula, this one has a little more pink in it, which makes it super wearable.

Hopefully this helps you make your decision a little easier on launch day.

Images: KathleenLights/YouTube (15)