Beth Bowen Keeps Her Private Life, Well, Private

The newest addition to the reality series that showcase drinking, dancing, and diapers is called There Goes the Motherhood. The Bravo series features an exclusive group of mothers living in Los Angeles and facing the problems that parents tend to encounter, though these women may just encounter them while wearing some very high-end fashion. The cast is replete with all sorts of interesting characters and families, but there is one that inspires more mystery than most. Who is Beth Bowen's ex-husband, and why do viewers of There Goes the Motherhood know almost nothing about him?

Among Beth's castmates are Leah Forester, who is married to a film producer, and Stefanie Fair, who is married to a man high-up in the music industry, so not all of the stars are keeping their spouses under wraps. However, Beth definitely is, as there is no information about her ex's identity to be found online. Promos for this season of There Goes the Motherhood do shows that Beth is struggling with how to tell her children that she is getting a divorce and according to The Fresno Bee's profile of Beth, "The divorce is a big part of the story, but only in general terms. Specific talk about her ex-husband is off-limits."

Since we shouldn't expect to get any more information about Beth's actual ex from There Goes the Motherhood, I've come up with some ideas for what he could be like, based on her own interests. And if Beth's actual ex-husband doesn't fit any of these categories, they also make good potential partners for her once she's ready to move on.

A Fellow Fitness Enthusiast

Beth has made it very apparent that she loves to exercise. In her Bravo bio, she mentions that she is about to segue into placing more emphasis on her wellness career. Perhaps Beth's ex shared this love of fitness.

A Chef

There are a fair amount of delicious food photos on Beth's Instagram. If she wasn't already married to someone who likes to cook, I think that'd be a great person for her to consider dating.

Ryan Seacrest

OK, I'm just kidding with this one. Seacrest is obviously not really Beth's ex-husband (in his actual personal life, he was most recently linked to former Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz, according to The Daily Mail), but I couldn't ignore this photo. Apparently Beth once attended his New Year's Eve party. But hey, if they've kept in touch, maybe Seacrest can set her up with another reality star when she's ready to start dating — he knows plenty.