8 Crazy Donald Trump Headlines From 2015 That'll Make You Wish You Could Build A Time Machine

Bronzer aficionado and former reality show host Donald Trump has taken the American political establishment by storm — whether they want to admit it or not. Back in 2015, his meteoric rise in the polls was all but unimaginable to the general public at large, the website "Friends Who Like Trump" hadn't been coded yet, and all bets were centered on whether or not there would be another Bush or another Clinton in the White House come 2017. My, how things have changed. Here are eight Donald Trump headlines from this time last year which reveal just how much things have changed.

As He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named continues to win Republican primary contests by large margins, it can feel strange to read about the petty fights and mundane non-sequiturs that make up the bulk of the media coverage from this time last year. As improbable as it seems, Trump only announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination on June 16, 2015 (in front of paid actors). That makes this vintage media coverage even more worrisome for serious political observers. If this was how Trump was preparing to run for office, just what on Earth will it look like to outsiders as this buffoon starts preparing for the general election? Or for the presidency itself? Hopefully, the Trump train will derail of its own accord before we get to find out.

April 4, 2016: "Geraldo Rivera: Donald Trump Is 'Hurt' De Blasio Hasn't Met Him Yet

Apparently, Trump was sad that NYC mayor Bill De Blasio hadn't taken the time out of his busy schedule to meet with the former slumlord and questionably successful businessman. He announces his candidacy 73 days after this headline.

April 8, 2015: "Trump, With Mild Regret, Welcomes Press Aboard His Jet"

Trump let journalists visit his private jet in Iowa before he spoke to students at Simpson College and held a $40-per-person meet-and-greet fundraiser in Ankeny, a northern suburb of Des Moines. He didn't seem too happy about it. From here, there are 69 days left until he officially announces his campaign.

April 10, 2015: "Trump To Obama On Iran: Read 'Art Of The Deal'"

Speaking to the National Rifle Association's Leadership Forum in Nashville, Trump criticized President Obama's "tremendously, horrible, inconceivable" framework for the landmark nuclear oversight agreement with Iran, before suggesting that the president read his 1987 book to gain insight on negotiating with the Shiite theocracy. There are still 67 days left until he makes his announcement.

April 12, 2015: "Donald Trump Started A Twitter Fight With T-Mobile's CEO"

Trump will announce 65 days from now. Today is also the day he chose to pick a fight with the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm on social media.

April 17, 2015: "Trump: How Can Hillary 'Satisfy America' If She 'Can't Satisfy Her Husband?'"

After retweeting a pretty tasteless joke from equestrian Sawyer Burmeister, Trump apparently quickly deleted it. But media outlets were still able to get their hands on a screenshot, thus ensuring another day of free media coverage for "Tiny Hands" Trump. 60 days to go 'til T-Day.

April 21, 2015: "Friendly Reminder: Donald Trump Is A Clown Who Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously"

The conservative folks at The Federalist reminded their readers that Trump is a joke after hearing what Ed Schultz had to say about the potential for Trump's candidacy compared with other GOP contenders. Trump will announce his candidacy 56 days from when this was published.

April 26, 2015: "Donald Trump Says His 'Timing Was Good' On Pulling Out of Atlantic City"

Are we still doing "phrasing"? Trump apparently hasn't gotten the memo. There are 51 days until Trump will announce his bid for office.

April 29, 2015: "Donald Trump Tells Parents In Iowa: I Have 'Great Restraint' For Not Insulting Your Baby"

48 days and counting until Trump officially throws his hat into the ring.

If only we could collectively turn back time and prevent Trump from running for president. That'd be great. Until the technology becomes available, maybe if we all ignore him together, he'll go away?

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