Jess Franklin Of HeyGorJess On Her Summer Style Tips, Melt-Free Makeup, And Making Your Look Last 9-To-5

The first thing you'll notice about Jess Franklin, editor-in-chief of the cleverly named blog HeyGorJess, is her confident, infectious energy. Combine that with her radiant smile and voluminous curls and you have an endlessly followable fashion and beauty guru. But this girl is much more than just a style maven. On a daily basis, she delivers her audience relatable advice on everything from keeping your curls intact to eating your way to your glowiest skin, one meal at a time.

The New York area native has always loved the energy of the city and finds inspiration in its streets for her own polished personal style. With looks that range from minimalistic and tonal to vibrantly printed and unapologetically bold, she’s never short on creative ideas. When she’s not testing the latest in skin care innovations or making appearances on NBC News, Jess spends her days reveling in the vibrance of the city with her squad of equally influential blogger friends.

We met up with Jess in partnership with H&M to learn more about what makes her tick and what she plans to wear to beat the blazing city heat in style. All signs point to a chic season ahead.

Her Quintessential Summer Look

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"I’m wearing a flowy tie-dyed mustard skirt paired with my favorite summer trend — an off-the-shoulder top! I’ve been loving earth tones lately. They’re soft and neutral with just the right touch of nice, warm color. To tie the outfit together, I put on a few chunky silver rings."

Featuring: Flared Skirt and 4-Pack Rings, H&M.

Her Seaside Shoot Location

“I love the water and the sun. They literally make me so happy and can put me in a good mood no matter what’s going on. Tribeca has breathtaking views of the water, boats, flowers, and even the city skyscrapers. I think it really captures a wonderful part of the city, and it’s a great place to relax and reflect. Sometimes I need time to get away from the hustle to regroup and recharge."

Her Love for Rooftop Hangs and NYC's Creative Energy

“I love that everyone here is always out having a good time and on the move. New Yorkers motivate and inspire me. This city keeps me creative and constantly looking for the next move or opportunity. You can never be bored here!”

Her 9-to-5 Style Strategy

“For work, always dress for day-to-night. Like I said, there’s always something to do and friends to meet up with. You never know when something will come up last minute! Dresses with a light jacket or cardigan are always easy to transition from day to night. Also, low inch wedges and sandals are great too because they’re super cute and great for work, but also comfortable and easy to walk in.”

Her Summer Beauty Philosophy

“My number-one beauty tip for the summer is to trade in your foundation for BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Since we sweat a lot more in the summer, they’re a better option because they’re a lot lighter. They also are a lot easier to blend in with your tan, and they have SPF for protection from the sun!”

Hot, Hot, Hot Survival Tips

“Stay hydrated, eat well, and enjoy every minute of it! Summers in New York fly by so quickly. With tons of events and a short warm season, it can feel pretty fast. So take in every moment and have fun!”

This post is sponsored by H&M.

Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Makeup: Jamie Dorman

Images: Lauren Perlstein