Boehner Could Be The Trump Campaign Kiss Of Death

by Karen Yuan

So former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" (that's the name of my death metal band, by the way) at at Stanford on Wednesday, but that's not the most significant part of his appearance there. The biggest revelation was that Boehner is voting for Donald Trump. Yes, one of the most prominent figures of the GOP establishment, infamous for looking vaguely murderous during President Obama's State of the Union speeches, said he's voting for the most anti-establishment Republican candidate there is. That's YUGE — nearly on par with an endorsement.

But is this the attention the Donald wants? Trump, the GOP outsider, getting love from one of the GOP insiders?! Is it the kiss of death for him?

According to The Stanford Daily, Boehner said that if Trump became the Republican nominee, he would vote for him, but he would not ever vote for Cruz. Along with comparing Cruz to Satan, he said, "I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." He was decidedly chummier about Trump, whom he's played golf with for years and is "texting buddies." Inquiring minds want to know what that entails. What emojis do they use with each other?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But would Trump want this DL textual relationship to go public? I mean, this could completely ruin his street cred. After all, Trump rides on a platform made of the tears of lawmakers who herald him as the end of the GOP establishment. That's why so many of his supporters are smitten with him. If a party figure like Boehner has warmed up to Trump, then it paints him in a worryingly different light. The real scandal is this: If Donald Trump is so anti-establishment, then who was he playing golf with for all these years?!

Like star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of the GOP, Boehner and Trump's relationship doesn't bode well for either of them, but especially not for Trump. Boehner's confession that he'll vote for him over Cruz and John Kasich — the actual Republican politicians — might deal a blow to Trump that Cruz and Kasich's alliance, Cruz's recruitment of Carly Fiorina, and even Fiorina's singing (the ultimate political weapon) can't.