Who Will He Have on His Arm at the Oscars?

Sadly for us, Bradley Cooper has been dating his model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse for nearly a year. But as far as the debonair and devastatingly adorable actor is concerned, she can find her own way to the Oscars. On Monday, Bradley Cooper was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and spoke about the Oscars — and revealed a surprising fact. Even Best Supporting Actor nominees get only one plus one date to take to the ceremony, which is creating some strife within the Cooper household. Cooper is known to be a mama's boy and has been accompanied by his mother, Gloria Campano, on the red carpet before — but that was before another female entered the picture.

Ellen DeGeneres asked Cooper if he'll be bringing his mother to the Oscars this year, since she went with him to the Golden Globes. The American Hustle actor said that he was glad that DeGeneres asked him, because he has a slight problem on his hands and was hoping she had an in, being the host of the Oscars and all.

"I'm trying to take more than one person. My whole family. My sister. My sister is coming in from North Carolina," Cooper says.

DeGeneres cut him off and deadpanned, "Mmm. You can't. Who does it mean more to, your sister or your mom?"

Cooper says that he couldn't possibly calibrate that answer, and inquired about seats at the top of the theater.

Awwww, will someone please give Bradley Cooper a second ticket to the Oscars for his sister flying in from the Tar Heel State? Because you know his mom isn't going to give up her plus one status so quickly, even though she and Cooper do live together. Although Cooper quickly clarified to DeGeneres that he doesn't live with his mother, "She lives with me."

You can watch Cooper below: