Guys, John Stamos Revealed His Signature Sex Move

by Michelle McGahan

Well, everyone, it's time to get a little bit more jealous of Aunt Becky than usual. Because John Stamos just revealed his signature sex move, and the fact that he named it at all sounds totally like something Uncle Jesse would do. (That attic apartment was totally the scene of some kinky Katsopolis romancin'.)

When calling in to the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, the Fuller House star let everyone on a little secret about the things that go on in his bedroom, and it's more than just perfecting his hair and checking himself out in the mirror. When asked if he has any ~bedroom tricks~, Stamos got pretty candid about his love life. And guys, not only does he have a signature move, he literally named it after himself. You know Uncle Jesse would be all about this.

"I have the Stamos Straddler. I do that sometimes," the actor revealed, for some reason choosing to not divulge any more details than that — much to everyone's chagrin. Of course, this leaves curious minds to wander, and for all we know, it could include a "Have mercy!" yell and have something to do with Elvis. At least, those are the kinds of things Uncle Jesse would definitely incorporate in his signature sex trick.

Staying true to his Full House roots, Stamos kept things pretty PG after that, divulging that his real speciality in the bedroom is cuddling.

"I'm a cuddler, guys. That's where I really excel," he said. "I like a good cuddle, you know?" As a true Tanner would, of course. This just gets more Uncle Jesse-relatable by the minute.

Things took an admittedly weird and borderline creepy turn when the guys at the radio station decided to google what the "John Stamos" is in bed — which is decidedly different than the "Stamos Straddler," I can imagine — and the actor was surprised to discover that "stuff about the hair" wasn't included. (Because even John Stamos knows that any John Stamos sex position has to include something about his incredible mane.) That one, though, does involve a "Have mercy!" which I sincerely hope is already included in the actor's own "Stamos Straddler." One can only imagine...