Can You Adopt The Kitten From 'Keanu'? The Cat Is Way Too Adorable For Words

The new action comedy from the geniuses behind Key & Peele might shape up to be the cutest movie of the year, and this is, of course, due in part to its main lead, Keanu the kitten. (Sorry Key and Peele, I'm sure you are great too, but come on. A kitten!) Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star opposite a kitten named Keanu — the same kitten with which the movie shares a title. Now I know exactly what you're thinking, because honestly after one glimpse at this thing, we're all thinking it. Can you adopt Keanu the kitten(s)? (The singular character is played by many kittens, FYI, hence the plural. The more kittens the merrier!)

Here's how central Keanu is to the plot of Keanu in case you're wondering: After a pretty serious break-up, Rell (Peele) finds a kitten on his doorstep, but his new friend gets taken from him rather quickly when a thief decides to steal the feline. That's when Rell calls up his cousin Clarence (Key) for help. The two learn that in order to get Rell's kitten back, they have to do some crazy things — like, infiltrate a gang, for instance. At this point, I assume you have many questions, but for now I want to circle back around to the the one thing that's plaguing you above all else. And that's whether or not you can take this kitten home as your lawful pet.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The kitten actors and actresses are not up for adoption at this time. But it's OK! They are leading happy lives. Promise.

The kittens from Keanu might even have an exciting future in the biz. According to an interview with the Chicago Tribune, resident on-set animal trainer Larry Payne and his colleague April Mackin took six of the seven Keanu cats back to California so they can continue to "act." Or I'm sorry, "cact." (That will never not be funny to me.)

If you're doing the math that means there's one kitty still up for grabs, right? Nope. Sorry to keep building you up just to bring you down, but the final feline was adopted by Tiffany Haddish — who plays Hi-C in the film.

Now excuse me as I go lament the fact that I will also never own the following animal.

Make sure to catch this kitty in Keanu when it makes its big screen debut April 29.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (2)