Mellie Finds Out Olivia's Secret On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico

As messy as the real life White House can be during an election year like this, it has nothing on the Scandal version of D.C. Campaign season has officially kicked off, and that means Mellie Grant and Susan Ross are locked in the competition to become the republican nominee... except from watching the show, you'd actually think the competition was between Abby and Olivia. And when it gets worse, Mellie pulls through for Olivia in a major way. On Scandal , Mellie finds out Olivia killed Andrew, but her reaction was totally not what I was expecting.

It all started when Abby grounded Olivia's plane, claiming that Air Force One couldn't take off because of technical difficulties. Really, it was fine — she just wanted to keep Mellie from getting to the governor's dinner in Florida, where she planned to edge out Susan Ross for her endorsement. But Mellie had a trick up her sleeve: Fitz. She met up with him to convince him to have his plane take off, and he ended up exposing Olivia's secret that she was the one who killed Andrew, and that it wasn't Abby who ordered someone to have him killed after all. Oh, and the press was watching the whole time, so she had to keep a smile on her face so as not to attract suspicion.

OK, so Andrew is the worst — I think we all established that when he tried to expose all of the president's secrets before Olivia swiftly took him out with a metal chair. But Mellie did have that relationship with him, and wouldn't hearing that your campaign manager and current closest confidante murdered someone without telling you throw you for a loop? Not for Mellie. Instead, she took it as a sign that Olivia really needs her help, because that's the reason she's been acting so weird lately.

And in the interest of getting Olivia to Florida, where she can feel like she's doing her job and maybe even chill out a little, Fitz gets the planes moving again and shows up to the dinner to apologize for Mellie being late. I'm not really a Fitz fan, but he won points with me on this one.

It's official: Mellie and Olivia may actually be the perfect BFFs. She's been through a lot lately, but who knows more about surviving difficult circumstances than Mellie?

Image: Nicole Wilder/ABC