Do We Like Julien Macdonald's "Stained Glass" Eye?

I've got good news and bad news: if you're searching for an incredibly easy Fashion Week makeup look to steal for your own devious purposes, the "stained glass" eye makeup at Julien Macdonald Fall 2014 takes literally two products (three, if you want mascara) and about 30 seconds to replicate. Hooray! The bad news is that the overall effect is kind of weird. Macdonald paired the models' glossy, smeary, blue-red eyelids with breathtaking bead-and-lace creations, so it's definitely a runway look: fierce, conceptual, and not really designed for the common people.

Well, I tried it anyway. Turns out it's a look that's perfect for a cocktail party with your irritatingly artsy group of friends; you know, the type of party where at least 80 percent of the girls will be wearing a vintage fur coat when they arrive. It's definitely not the greatest eye makeup for making fun new friends at your local bro bar, but if you can find people who appreciate a little red on the eyelid, go for it.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The inspiration: cathedral glass on the eyelids.

Moi? I used a stick of shimmery blue eyeshadow, my trusty Buxom mascara, and some red lipstick — if you're the type of person who has dark red eyeshadow just sitting around, more power to you.

In the spirit of making-this-more-accessible-for-real-people, I decided not to take the color all the way up to my eyebrows. Because who wants red makeup all the way up to their eyebrows? Not without a 10K modeling contract, Julien! Anyway...I dabbed the red lipstick into the middle of each eyelid and softened it up with a finger.

Then, the blue. I lightly, vaguely, unprofessionally sketched out a sort of winged shape around the red. The whole thing was very glossy and smeary, but that's what the models had, so sue me.

Finally, mascara (and lip gloss) to help me feel normal again. The verdict?

I'm not sure. It's not hideous, at least not when I keep my eyes open (which I usually do out in public, but you never know). It's a little weird, a little cool. Suitable, I'd say, for reading Sartre in public, attending "performance art" openings, and drinking with sculptors in Paris. And, of course, for touring the world's greatest cathedrals.