It's Time To Figure Out Who Drake's "Sydney" Is

by Caitlyn Callegari

There are a lot of things I aspire to in life, and getting a shout out from Drake in one of his songs is most definitely up there on the list. You know, just so long as I'm not getting painted as a heartbreaker type, because I would never, ever do him wrong. If you listened to Drake's new song, "Redemption" on his new album Views , you'd know that a woman named Sydney has already somewhat achieved my dreams. But who is Sydney, the woman Drake mentions in "Redemption"?

First things first, I cannot recall Drake ever being connected to a Sydney, and after doing a bit of digging, it would appear that the Internet doesn't either. What does this mean? Is Sydney just a fictional character in this particular lyrical story? Well, that's definitely a possibility. But another possibility is that "Sydney" is just an alias for someone who he wants to remain anonymous. Not everyone is as bold as Taylor Swift when it comes to referencing old flames in songs.

If we want to really get to the bottom of this "Sydney" business, though, we should take a better look at the lines that she's mentioned in:

Sydney gave up on me when I went missin'/Syd had a baby and treated me different

Alright, so here's what we know about Sydney: She peaced when Drake didn't give her the attention she deserved (you go, girl) and, this could be the most telling part about her, she had a baby. I know, I know. I'm scratching my head, too. Which high-profile person that Drake has been linked to had a child? Rihanna? No. Nicki Minaj? No. Serena Williams? No. Perhaps the answer is that the person isn't high-profile. After all, Drake's relationships are often kept on the down low. His dating life, while often rapped and sung about, is hardly ever talked about by him outside of his art.

There's another element of the song that muddies the Sydney waters a bit, as well. Drake also mentions two other women in "Redemption" by names Ericka and Tiffany. According to Genius, it seems that "Ericka" is Ericka Lee, Drake's ex-girlfriend who is better known as "the girl on the phone in 'Marvin's Room.'" According to The Hollywood Reporter in 2012,

Ericka Lee, revealing herself to be Drake's ex-girlfriend, has stepped up, saying she was the voice on the other end of the phone call. The woman is now suing Drake for excluding her from sharing co-writer royalties on one of his biggest recent hits.

According to TMZ, in February 2013, Drake and Lee came to an agreement outside of court and the case was dropped. Drake did not offer a public comment on the allegations.

Taking Lee's mention into consideration, it's totally plausible that Sydney and Tiffany are also real women he's dated and that those are their real names to boot (Taylor Swift, you have some brave company). Though, those references don't seem to be as pointed as Lee's. I guess for now all we can do is speculate about Sydney until the rapper gives us something more concrete to go off of.

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