Is That Really Amber Rose In Drake's "Faithful"?

I can only assume everyone has listened to each track from Drake's new album Views at least once by now. And I'm also assuming listeners are curious about who the girl from Drake's "Faithful" intro is, right? At the beginning of the track, which also features Pimp C and dvsn, Drake says, "You expensive, you know that?" Then, a woman is heard saying, "I'm high maintenance a little bit, but not in a, not in a negative way. I just like extremely expensive things." If you're a huge Amber Rose fan, then I bet you think it sounds an awful lot like her. Guess what? You'd be right.

According to Genius, the voice is Amber Rose's with the audio coming from an Instagram video she shared on Dec. 8, 2015. In the IG (posted below), she is seen walking down stairs, as a voice over plays of her saying the exact same thing as in the "Faithful" intro.

You might recall, that around December 2015, rumors circulated around Drake and Rose, when they reportedly celebrated New Year's Eve together. A source told People in January, that Rose showed up in Miami to watch Drake's NYE performance. "She was sitting at Drake's table with 2Chainz, Lil' Wayne and Birdman," the source said. "Amber and Drake were friendly but there was no public display of affection."

Around the same time, the 29-year-old rapper and 32-year-old model were spotted "enjoying a private dinner (behind curtains) in the wine room of restaurant Prime 112," People reported. "It was very intimate and just the two of them," an insider said.

In early January, Rose also shared two videos on Instagram of what I suspect are from Drake's NYE show in Miami. Based on her captions, it sure seems like she loved watching him in action. As for whether or not their connection is why Drake included Rose's voice in "Faithful," well, that remains uncertain.

Rose has yet to comment on her voice being used, but I can only imagine she'll provide some type of colorful reaction. Plus, she might let us know why Drizzy decided to use this particular clip.