Drake’s “U With Me?” Lyrics Paint The Most Tragic Picture On The Album

Drake needs a hug, you guys. While I am still processing all of Views' emotional roller coaster ride of awesome, Drake's "U With Me?" lyrics are the ones that cut the deepest. This is a song of modern day heartbreak, of loving someone but knowing it can't work, and of crying over your iPhone while those sad little conversation dots bounce up and down while you wait for a response. It's tragic, and weirdly relatable, despite it being about Drake and one of his more famous exes — come on, a month at the London is not a thing a normal person can afford.

"U With Me?" goes straight for your heart by painting a picture of Drake's lifestyle and its incompatibility with the lifestyle of the woman he loves. Unlike a lot of songs about broken relationships, Drake doesn't throw all the blame at his ex. Even though his pain is raw, he is not above revealing they both made mistakes. That only adds to the pain factor as a listener; after all, it is much easier to process anger than it is to deal with Drake's resigned sorrow.

Picking out the most heart shattering lyrics is no easy task because "U With Me?" is just a beautiful life ruiner from start to finish, but allow me to break the pain down into the 11 most telling lyrics.

1. "I Group DM My Exes/I Told 'Em They Belong To Me, That Goes On Forever"


Drake starts out with swagger, and you think, "Oh, this is going to be one of those songs," but then he completely changes gears by revealing the one ex he is trying to reach out to calls him on his behavior. She thinks he's immature, and yes, this is where the pain begins.

2. "Heard A Lot About Me 'Fore We Started Off"


It quickly becomes clear the woman Drake is singing about had an idea of what he was like before they got together. He admits to throwing parties and leading a life where he is constantly surrounded by other people, but she "got a different vision" of the kind of life she wants. These two humans clearly want different things, and yet there's this pull. Are you crying yet?

3. "These Days I Don't Talk About 'Bout Them Days Like I Miss Them"


Now it is getting real. Drake's relationship with this woman is over, and he is trying to act cool. Then he hits you with this: "And you shouldn't miss 'em either, we different people."

4. "If It's On 'Til We Gone Then I Gotta Know Now"


He thinks they are going to be dancing this dance forever. I cannot deal with this level of emotion.

5. "Playin' Mind Games, We Both Doin' The Same Thing"


Drake heavily implies his ex wrote songs about him, and he's writing a song about her right back. They are trying to process their breakup through lyrics, and it is a beautiful mess.

6. "You Send The 'Are You Here?' Text Without An Invite"


There is no worse feeling than waiting for someone you care about to text you back — aside from getting a random text from someone you are trying to get over. This is a quit playing games with my heart kind of moment if there ever was one.

7. "We Both Slide On A Late Night"


Just get back together already. You two can work! Probably. OK, not definitely, but clearly you need to try again is what I'm saying, Drake.

8. "Yeah, How's That For Real?/You're Toying With It Like A Happy Meal"


Somehow, Drake just made the happiest meal on Earth depressing.

9. "Is You Wit' Me Or What?"


This is the song's hook, and the part most likely to make you burst into tears at your desk. It's a question you have probably asked someone you cared about at some point, and it is a question people so rarely ever get the answer they want out of. A lingering breakup is the worst kind of breakup.

10. "Girl I Had Your Back When All You Used To Do Is Front"


How long have these two been doing this to each other? I have never been this emotionally invested in such an ambiguous celebrity relationship before.

11. "You Knew Me When The Kid Had Waves, But That's Enough Of That"


In the end, "U With Me?" is a goodbye song, and that is the most tragic part of all. Drake is still clearly in love, but he is trying to let this woman go, and probably vice versa... can someone get me a tissue? My eyes appear to be leaking.

Somehow, looking at the lyrics separately only makes this song sadder. Good work, Drake, your entire fanbase is weeping now.

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