Lancôme's New Grandiôse Liner Is A Game Changer

by Kali Borovic

If mastering liquid liner is on your beauty bucket list, then listen up. Lancôme has a new eyeliner in the works and it's bound to completely change the way you apply your makeup. What's so special about the new Grandiôse Liquid Liner, you ask? You can customize the handle for the perfect application. It's not often you see a makeup brand completely push the envelope with a new product, but that's exactly what the company has done. This isn't the first time Lancôme has launched an innovative new product, either.

Liquid eyeliner is hard to master, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Thankfully, there's one product that seems to be making it a little bit easier. Makeup artist and Lancôme Creative Director Lisa Eldridge posted a video of the new Grandiôse Liner on her Instagram, and it looks completely different than all the others on the market. Not only is the felt-tipped liner quick dry and smudge proof, you can choose exactly which angle of application you want. The sneak peek shows the handle of the screw-top product being pushed from side to side, which I see opening up a new realm of makeup possibilities.

The caption to Eldridge's photo claims that the multi position click liner makes the makeup easy to apply, but there's no word on when the trendy new product is coming out for you to try for yourself. I guess you'll just have to stick to the boring old stationary liner in the meantime!

Lancôme has completely changed the makeup game with some of these innovative products. Not only does the brand offer tons of colors in the eyeshadow and liquid lipstick collections, there are also products are way ahead of the game as far as application and skin benefits go. Here are some of Lancome's most interesting offerings that you can shop while you wait for this new liner to come out.

1. Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara

Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara, $32, lancô

You didn't think they'd stop at liner did you? They created a new mascara that would help with application as well. According to US Magazine, you can use this product to get Adele-level lashes.

2. Juicy Shaker

Juicy Shaker in Bohemian Raspberry, $21, lancô

This could be the coolest makeup invention yet. Instead of drying out your lips with a liquid lipstick, the company created a lip oil that stains while hydrating at the same time. Not to mention the adorable shakable packaging!

3. Matte Lip Crayon

Color Design Matte Lip Crayon, $24, lancô

This little stick might not look like much, but it's a liner and lipstick all in one. Use the tip to outline your lips and then color them in with the side. Bonus points for the travel-friendly packaging too.

4. Cushion Blush

Miracle Cushion Blush, $49, lancô

There are a few cushion foundations on the market, but Lancôme was one of the first to try out the formula for blush. The product has brightening and hydrating properties along with having buildable coverage. The line even has color correcting cushions.

5. Colored Mascara Top Coat

Hypnôse Chromatics, $27.50, lancô

If you've ever tried colored mascara, you know that the look is hard to get right. Well, Lancôme has perfected it. Instead of creating a mascara itself, the brand created a top coat that will give you tons of color without having to skimp on volume and length.

6. Two-In-One Makeup Remover

Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover, $15, lancô

This might not be new, but it's definitely a standout. Bi-Facil takes off eye makeup while conditioning skin at the same time without leaving behind greasy residue.

7. Lenthening, Clump-Free Mascara

Hypnôse Drama Mascara, $27.50,

If a bent wand isn't your type, then Lancôme still has something for you. The brand also sells this mascara with a super funky wand.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Images: lancô (7)