Gigi Hadid's 21st Birthday Outfit Featured Too Many Chokers To Count — PHOTOS

Unsurprisingly, Gigi Hadid celebrated her birthday in serious style (wouldn't any supermodel?), but there was a particularly quirky and awesome element to her 21st birthday outfit. Looking at the party pics, I couldn't help but be amazed by how many chokers Gigi Hadid wore at her birthday. Like, there was legitimate counting involved.

The cutie looked completely gorgeous at her Los Angeles bash Thursday night in a black satin cami that draped down the back, high-waisted white shorts, and insane Tom Ford thigh-high boots. She kept the vibe clean and simple with a subtle cat eye, a sheer nude lip look, and high ponytail. And then, there was the chokers.

While NYMag managed to count a total of 12 chokers rocked by celebs at Hadid's party, it initially appears that Hadid herself is wearing not one, not two, but three stacked necklaces. But, as soon as Hadid turns around, you'll discover that one of her three chokers is actually a thinly tied scarf that billows down her back. Dang supermodels and their creative styling tactics!

Below is Hadid's full outfit, as well as how to piece together the choker look for yourself.

We start with what appears to be three chokers...

But this set of pics with her back proves that there is definitely scarf action happening!

Here's how to channel the look for yourself, because it's officially the coolest way to layer.

1. Bandana Style Scarf

Bandana Style Scarf, $12.90, Zara

I personally love this firecracker paisley, but pick whichever thin scarf you prefer.

2. Velvet Choker

Claire Velvet Choker, $14, Urban Outfitters

Clean and classic.

3. Western Charm Choker

Western Charm Choker, $16.50, Asos

Add a touch of bling to finish it off! Voila. You've reached peak '90s.

Images: Courtesy of Brands