Another 'Southern Charm' Star Is Pregnant

Based on several tweets and a very revealing Instagram photo, Southern Charm star Jennifer Snowden is pregnant. She revealed she's having a boy and it appears she is naming him James, as she's referred to him as "Baby James." Though, that could also be his last name, because his father's identity isn't publicly known. But Jennifer does want you to know that it is most definitely not Thomas Ravenel.

On April 27, Jennifer responded to a viewer who accused her of being "in love with Thomas" and enjoying all of the drama between him and Kathryn, because Jennifer "totally wants him." Well, Jennifer's response says it all. She tweeted: "Ohhh you're soooo right.... I am pregnant & am in love with the person I've been with for a long time now but thx for your input."

Jennifer's been sharing plenty about her pregnancy, including artwork she's been creating for the nursery. She also tweeted, "I'm so excited about my little baby boy I can hardly stand it. I just keep praying he'll be ok." On April 12, she share the following on Twitter about her son, "My unborn baby has been diagnosed w/ brain encepheloces [sic]. Plz, if you pray, plz pray for Baby James. I thank you from the bottom of my [heart]."

According to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, encephaloceles occurs in approximately 1 to 4 per 10,000 live births. It is considered a rare disorder, where the bones of the skull don't close completely creating "a gap through which cerebral spinal fluid, brain tissue and the meninges (the membrane that covers the brain) can protrude into a sac-like formation." In what is an extremely scary statistic, "Experts estimate that only half of the children with encephaloceles survive to birth."

Here's hoping everything is fine with both Jennifer and her child. With that, let send warm wishes and thoughts her way.