This Blogger Says Mouthwash Heals Her Dandruff

by Lindsey Rose Black

If you're always down to try the newest trick or hack, I've got a pretty funky one for ya. Spotted on Huffington Post, using mouthwash for dandruff is one beauty blogger's hottest new hair strategy. Yes, like what you gargle with everyday. Crazy, right?

Canadian beauty blogger Farah Dhukai brought this craze to life by posting a quick vid on Instagram breaking down what to do. She mixes together Listerine and water, and advises you to shampoo and condition as normal before spraying your scalp in the Listerine mix. After a few minutes, you rinse again and, allegedly, your scalp will be dandruff-free. But is there any science behind this? Apparently the answer is yes.

Dr Macrene Alexiades of Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center of New York told Daily Mail, "The menthol and eucalyptus in the Listerine possess anti-fungal properties, which kill the yeast overgrowth that causes dandruff." There you have it! But she also warned, "'It is a low likelihood to work long term or to completely eradicate the problem ... You are better off developing a realistic preventative regimen for long term success."

By the way, if you are in fact going to try this, StyleCraze warned, "If your scalp is sensitive or if there is any broken skin, you should skip this treatment... [Also] wait for until any cuts or broken skin heals before you try this trick." Safety first, right?

Below is Dhukai's vid if you want to try!

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Images: Farah Dhukai/Instagram