Bonnie Opened The Vault On 'The Vampire Diaries,' So Let The Nightmares Begin

How far are you willing to go to protect the people you love? If your name is Damon Salvatore then the answer to that question is: as far as it takes. Determined to prevent Bonnie from dying, Damon struck a deal with Alex: if The Armory took out the rest of the vampires on Rayna's hit list, then he would get Bonnie to open the mystery vault on The Vampire Diaries . However, Bonnie had a different plan in mind and decided that upon releasing it, she would seal the entire building (and everyone inside) so that whatever was inside the vault couldn't get out and wreck havoc on the world. And while normally I would chock that up as an overall victory for our Mystic Falls gang, I have a feeling that this storyline isn't over with just yet.

Prior to Damon's deal, Bonnie went to visit Alex's sister, Virginia, who gave her a little crash course on why she's so adamant that the vault should stay closed. Basically, whatever is inside that vault is dangerous and has the ability to change those who enter it. Her great-grandfather opened it back in 1882 and even though he was only in there for a few minutes, whatever dark being that lurks inside there took hold of him and made him into a different person. It stripped away his compassion and capability of love. In short, it stripped away his soul until there was nothing left but darkness.

That's a lot of unnecessary backstory to cover if Bonnie's spell is really going to contain it for good. Obviously, the writers wanted viewers to know about all this for a reason. We know that this thing has the power to change its voice. (Hence why Alex continually heard Yvette's voice inside even though she was long dead.) But other than that we really know nothing about this new evil that's so suddenly entered into their lives. Can it really just be conquered that easily?

I'm betting that now Bonnie is the new Huntress, perhaps that cancels out the concealment spell that she performed and will release whatever this thing is out in the world. So don't get too comfy, folks. Odds are our nightmares are only just beginning.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW