Cheesecake Factory FINALLY Responded To Drake

On Thursday night, Drake's fourth studio album VIEWS dropped on iTunes. Drake's often been applauded for making his lyrics strangely relatable, despite them mostly focusing on how hard and lonely it is to be a global superstar — and VIEWS was no exception to this. In the track "Childs Play," Drake reveals that although he's a millionaire, he digs exactly the same things you do: "Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake / You know I love to go there." I love the Cheesecake Factory and Drake loves the Cheesecake Factory! We have so much in common.

It's 2016 and Twitter is king when it comes to brands showing how ridiculously relevant they are. So, of course, Cheesecake Factory weren't going to let that just hang there unanswered. Before long, they'd tweeted a picture that suggests this is the year all our wildest dessert dreams will come true. If you believe a ludicrous photoshopped image — which I definitely do — Cheesecake Factory is this close to dessert-delivery-by-helicopter. This is particularly exciting news for Canada, which despite its biggest musical export's taste in dessert venues, doesn't actually have any Cheesecake Factory venues anywhere in the country yet. (Someone solve this problem! FOR DRAKE!)

But this is just one of the many times that brands totally killed it in their response to celebs on Twitter.

1. Arby's Asks For Their Hat Back

It was 2014 and Pharrell was pulling out the big guns for his Grammys appearance. Never one to do things by halves, he opted for a cartoonishly large hat – one that unfortunately resembled the Arby's logo. When Pharrell auctioned the Vivienne Westwood hat on eBay for charity, guess who won? Yeah, exactly.

Best ever use of a digital marketing budget.

2. Marmite Offers To Replace Zayn Malik In One Direction

When Zayn Malik quit the band, Marmite was just the first of multiple brands to use the bad news for a social media push.

3. Jobsite UK Also Weighed In

When life gives you lemons, you've gotta make lemonade. That's exactly what the social media manager at @JobsiteUK must have been thinking anyways, when he managed to spin the saddest news in British pop music into some great PR for the British job website.

4. Charmin's All About The Snappy Response

When comic actor Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) tried out some toilet humor, Charmin was ready. Oh so ready.

5. Charmin Were Even Readier To Slay When Rob Delaney Tried To Get The Best Of Them In A Tweet-Off

Nicely played. Good try, Rob Delaney. Sure, you're a professional comic actor, but you'll never come close to the humor smarts of the Charmin social media team.

6. Hamburger Helper Proves Game Recognize Game

A flawless response to Beyoncé's killer song.

7. Red Lobster Gets In Formation

When Beyonce gave Red Lobster a shoutout in "Formation," saying "When he f*** me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster," the brand were basically duty-bound to respond. Despite the insane like and retweet figures, people heckled them pretty hard in the comments. But the brand gave back as good as it got:


I'd argue this is the great symbiotic relationship of our times. Celebrities need brands to show how down-to-earth and relatable they are despite being billionaires. Brands need celebrities to make them seem less corporate, more hip. It's a win-win relationship and it's having some pretty entertaining results. So brands, celebs, more tweets please. You're keeping us all smiling.