Sanders Is Not Wearing A Tux At The WHCD

Sen. Bernie Sanders just doesn't wear tuxes. They're not his thing. He also flies coach, does his own laundry, and gets cheap haircuts. These are facts that endear the Vermont senator to many people, but not everyone is so into the casual style he rocked abashed at Saturday's red carpet/black tie event. Sanders didn't wear a tux to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. And the Twitterverse lost it. Because, you know, there aren't more important things to be paying attention to right now or anything.

Sanders is a man of the people, from his policies to his closet. He has never been into anything too flashy or expensive in the duds department. It's been made light of before, when comedian Larry David portrayed Sanders on Saturday Night Live, proclaiming that he only had one pair of underwear. Responding to the skit, Sanders told CBS News: "Last week I bought my second pair of underwear. That is a joke. Don't write it down." But he added that, as a member of Congress, he has upped his suit game: "When I was mayor of the city of Burlington, I think I did have one suit but I have now, being a United States senator, increased my number of suits," he told CBS News.

But one of those suits was not a tux, and some people found Sanders' eschewal of the style standards that come along with the White House Correspondents' Dinner's pomp and circumstance to be offensive. Here's what some Twitterers had to say:

Here, a little jab at the senators' rhetoric around corporate greed:

This Twitterer believed Sanders was trying to make a statement with his choice to forego higher fashion, and she's not feeling that bern:

And a tasteless dig regarding the senator's age:

But not all the reactions were negative; in fact, some supporters came to bat for their candidate.

And compliments to Jane:

Then there's this Tweeter, who just had fun with the fact that the senator showed up to a penguin suit party in his everyday business clothes:

There was even some anticipation in the days leading up to the big event: Will Sanders wear a tux for the first time?!?!?

Ironically, Sanders' casual style made him stand out at the over-the-top event. But he just did as he always does — or, rather, didn't do as he's never done, which is wear a damn tuxedo.