The Best WHCD Memes And Jokes

Nerd Prom time! The White House Correspondents' Dinner offers no shortage of laughs, with President Barack Obama and featured entertainer Larry Wilmore both taking the stage to bring us the funny. But Obama and Wilmore aren't the only ones looking for laughs on Saturday. The citizens of the United States got in on the fun, using Twitter to dispense their jokes. Check out the best White House Correspondents' Dinner memes and jokes below.

This event is officially an occasion for journalists to gather with politicians, and now tons of big-name celebrities, to give out scholarships and awards to journalists and students. But comedy has long been a huge component of the evening. In 2016 in particular, the coming together of politicians from the left and right for an evening of levity and laughter is a breath of fresh air from the hectic, vitriolic, and at times downright disturbing primary season. And the viewing public is joining in the festivities with their own memes, jokes, and humorous commentary.

Here we have Sen. Bernie Sanders looking like he knows something you don't in his non-tuxedo suit, surrounded by people dressed to the nines at this black tie event. If the penguin party is a game, he's changing it for sure.

But Sanders wasn't the only attendee to defy fashion conventions of the evening:

Well, at least Vice President Joe Biden is getting a quality cut.

And a seat next to the wonderful Helen Mirren.

Politics aside, can we all agree that Sen. Ted Cruz does not have the comedic chops of Obama?

The C-SPAN folks giving commentary as guests filed in were relentless in their repetition of the evening's lavish menu. Some of us had a hard time with it.

More of a gaffe than a joke, but funny is funny.

Those who bore the brunt of Wilmore's cutting humor:

Obama's glorious mic drop is a meme in itself.

Obama, Wilmore, and viewers were all on point Saturday night.