How To Watch Obama's Bloopers From The WHCD

The White House Correspondents' Dinner kicked off with a moving tribute to the outgoing president put together by the Correspondents' Association itself. They chose to approach the retrospective with a dose of levity, and put together a blooper reel of Obama's funniest moments from throughout his presidency. Here's how to watch Obama's bloopers from the White House Correspondents' Dinner online.

Starting off with footage from Obama's first victory speech at Grant Park in downtown Chicago, the video reel goes on to show POTUS' lighter side — and I'm not just talking about his hair, which even Obama admitted in his ensuing speech had aged over the years. (He also showed photos of himself and Michelle through the years, pointing out that Michelle looks achingly young and gorgeous in each one, and finished on a shot of Michelle with a skeleton in a tux. I see what you did there, POTUS.)

The audience was in titters throughout, enjoying Obama's unique way with words, seeing photos of the First Family throughout the years, and reliving the ups and downs of his historic presidency, from "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's" to Obama knocking things over during press conferences.

Like pretty much every basketball shot he missed, most of the goofy dances that were captured on camera throughout the past eight years.

You can check it out courtesy of C-SPAN here, starting at 1:40.