Will we ever see "Dr. Horrible 2?"

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" was originally released over six years ago. To put that in perspective, six years ago the market hadn't yet crashed, Obama had just barely started his first term, and Miley Cyrus had not yet released the Hannah Montana movie, much less twerked her way into every headline. Since the original release of "Dr. Horrible," Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion have both moved on to mainstream TV franchises, seeming to leave their series-for-web days behind, and losing a lot of nerd cred. Yet, die-hard Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer supporters continue to hold out for round two. Why? Because Joss Whedon keeps leading us on. The most recent crumb Joss Whedon has teased about 'Dr. Horrible' is this vague promise, released to Entertainment Weekly.

We know we have spoken publicly about a sequel in the near distance and our passion to create it, and I promise we have not been insincere. Horrible is still one of our favorite creations by humans who were also us. We have many songs written and the plot outlined, but needless to say, we’ve been busy. Joss has had a hectic couple of years and is in the middle of the busiest year of his life, as is Zack and as are we. Also the actors have other things they’re acting in, I think. So the future is uncertain, our passion remains. DH2 will exist, in some format or another, at some point in the future. Unfortunately, the when is still unclear.

This statement shows that the creators are torn about the long wait to see Neil Patrick Harris once again don his goggles. However, they've been playing the "we're busy but we have some songs written" game for too long now: in 2013, they promised to have written "2 songs." Before even that promise, "Dr. Horrible" fans made their own prequel, showing that they would make the second installment, if the showrunners didn't live up to their promises of a new season. But now, we're tired of waiting for Joss Whedon to cash on new Marvel dollar-churners and return to the web sensation he created.

Until the Dr. Horrible crew gets their act together, fans will just have to watch this adorable interaction between Neil and Nathan on "Neil's Puppet Dreams," a web series that has never disappointed us.

Image: Youtube/Nerdist