A Common Mistake Could Land You In Jail

"Be kind, rewind" was the VHS slogan of every video store in the 1990s. And while rewinding was appreciated, returning your VHS was expected. But in today's world of Blu-Rays and iTunes downloads, VHS' are practically obsolete. So what is the worth of a common VHS tape now? Even the discount bins at Goodwill sell the bulky tapes for a mere dollar. But that didn't stop Kayla Michelle Finley from being jailed for failing to return a VHS she rented nine years ago. NINE YEARS AGO. Clearly the folks at Dalton's video, where Finley originally rented the tape, were still holding a grudge for not getting their copy of Monster-in-Law, the Jennifer Lopez flop, back on their shelves. Dalton's, like most all video stores, has since closed.

Here's how it all went down: South Carolina resident Finley went to the police station to report an unrelated incident, when she was instead taken into custody and arrested for the J. Lo film incident. Whaaat. Apparently, Dalton's Video owner P.J. Dalton had filed a complaint against Finley in 2005, and she was sent a warning letter about the claim but ignored it. Yet Jenny-from-the-Block enthusiast Finley claims she never received any such notice.

“It’s obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do,” Finley said to Fox Carolina. “I fully intend on fighting this, it’s ridiculous that I had this happen to me.”

Finley spent the night in jail and was released the next morning on a $2,000 bond. That shit cray.