Fashion Week Teaches Us How to Be Glamorous Older Women

Sure, the fashion industry is a lot more superficial, in the most literal sense, than others. It's about clothes, hair, makeup: in short, it's all about looking good, or at least, looking interesting. But that's not all bad, especially in a society that trains women to fear aging. See, the fashion industry has more than its fair share of incredibly cool, glamorous older women who make getting older look not just necessary, but absolutely fun. From time to time, it's really refreshing to peak past the models and into the front row, where the slightly older set never fails to give us beauty secrets, tips on individualism, and something healthy to aspire to.

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Be 1000 percent yourself

Nowhere does the truth behind this tired old cliche become more apparent than when someone ages the way they want to, rather than the way they think they should. Lynn Yaeger (red hair) is definitely a bit of a weirdo, but she’s her own weirdo.

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Age-appropriate is what you make of it

Anna Dello Russo is out of control glamorous, partially because she never bothers to tone anything down. Fur? Make it pink! Diamonds? Make it a double! Low necklines, mini skirts, heels to the sky — the question of what’s age-appropriate simply isn’t on the table.

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You can never be too rich or too classy

Fur and diamonds aside, there’s something to be said for older women who dress to the nines and beyond. Carmen dell’Orefice, with her elegant, snowy up-do, cravat, and look of total wisdom, could beat out a million Girls Gone Wild videos.

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Be intergenerational

It’s not about “staying young,” it’s about not shutting yourself out to the rest of the world. Look at Anna Wintour (64) palsing around with Lupita Nyong’o (30) and Naomi Watts (45). Pretty sure all three of them have interesting things to tell each other.

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Wear black

This one’s not rocket science, but if you’re worried about being too loud, too glitzy, too trying-too-hard, wear black… couture. Carine Roitfeld does it all the time. Don’t you want to be more like Carine Roitfeld?

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Your hair, your rules

GRACE CODDINGTON’S MANE. Who cares if it’s dyed. Who cares if it’s frizzy. It’s better than a closet of Birkins.

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Be Iman

And if you can’t be Iman, take her as your spirit guide.

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