Cooking School: 9 Supermarket Swaps for Hard-to-Find Specialty Ingredients

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There are few things that make you feel as accomplished in the kitchen as really nailing an authentic dish from some faraway land. The only problem is, whether you’re looking to perfect an aromatic Tom Yum Goong soup or try your hand at a comforting bowl of Chicken Tikka Masala, there is usually an item the recipe calls for that your local grocery store has never heard of and definitely doesn’t carry.

But before you let a sad excuse of an international food aisle dash your culinary aspirations, or spend the day running from specialty grocery store to grocery store, check out these go-to substitutions for nine hard-to-find ingredients. These swaps for everything from Kaffir lime leaves to Fenugreek seeds will have your dish tasting just the way it should, even if you had to cheat a little.

Image: lounom/Fotolia

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