Katy Perry Bleaches Her Eyebrows For The 2016 Met Gala & Looks Totally Unrecognizable — PHOTOS

When there's a theme, you can believe that this woman is going to embrace it. In honor of the fashion and technology theme of this year's event, Katy Perry went without eyebrows to the 2016 Met Gala. The singer completely went for it with her look this year, and I'm so glad she did. It might seem a little crazy at first glance, but the closer you look at the details, the more you'll love her ensemble.

Perry is the one at the themed party that everyone else completely envies. I'm convinced that she could wear a paper bag and look great at this point. In the past she's sported large golden crowns and colorful spray can purses in the name of fashion, but this year's look might be her best yet. Completely wowing for yet another year, Perry rocked a black and gold gown on the red carpet, but it was her styling that took it above and beyond. Not to mention she pulled off black lipstick from her own drugstore collection. The woman has got a gift!

When Perry joked about wearing a diaper under her Met Gala dress because of how big it is, according to E!, I didn't take her too seriously. But now I totally get why she said that, because of the gown's super long train. On top of a seriously awesome design, the singer had all the accessories to make the outfit even better — not to mention her mysteriously disappearing eyebrows. My words cannot do it justice, so just take a look for yourself.

How gorgeous is that train!

Now let's focus for a second on this styling. No eyebrows could be the newest trend.

I told you it was awesome! Between her on-stage quirky costumes and her experimental style, this event was pretty much made for Perry. No matter what the theme has been, Perry has found a way to covey it with an unexpected outfit. Here are some of her best Met Gala looks thus far.

1. 2010

Perry quite literally shined bright for her very first Met Gala. The dress had 3,000 LED lights in it, according to Vogue.

Look at the dress in the dark!

2. 2013

This isn't exactly what you'd think of when you hear the word "punk," but she sure did have her own head-to-toe theme going on. The whole look has a subtle '90s vibe to it as well.

She also stopped to give the rocker pose, just in case people couldn't tell from her outfit.

3. 2015

I'm not exactly sure how this fit in with the China theme, but Perry had yet another way of uniquely interpreting the theme.

Don't ever say the girl doesn't know how to go for it with her fashion!

I'd say this's year's look fits in perfectly with her other outfits over the years.